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0120c24927af364304574ab1a58e417094e01c22 extra_css_urls/extra_js_urls in metadata, refs #153 A mechanism in the metadata.json format for adding custom CSS and JS urls. Create a metadata.json file that looks like this: { "extra_css_urls": [ "" ], "extra_js_urls": [ "" ] } Then start datasette like this: datasette mydb.db --metadata=metadata.json The CSS and JavaScript files will be linked in the <head> of every page. You can also specify a SRI (subresource integrity hash) for these assets: { "extra_css_urls": [ { "url": "", "sri": "sha384-9qIZekWUyjCyDIf2YK1FRoKiPJq4PHt6tp/ulnuuyRBvazd0hG7pWbE99zvwSznI" } ], "extra_js_urls": [ { "url": "", "sri": "sha256-k2WSCIexGzOj3Euiig+TlR8gA0EmPjuc79OEeY5L45g=" } ] } Modern browsers will only execute the stylsheet or JavaScript if the SRI hash matches the content served. You can generate hashes using 2017-11-29T02:38:15Z 2017-11-29T02:38:15Z 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 107914493 9599 9599