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08f4b7658fec97419eb34118a2cd5c8be805673f Show facets that timed out using new InterruptedError If the user requests some _facet= options that do not successfully execute in the configured facet_time_limit_ms, we now show a warning message like this: These facets timed out: rowid, Title To build this I had to clean up our SQLite interrupted logic. We now raise a custom InterruptedError exception when SQLite terminates due to exceeding a time limit. In implementing this I found and fixed a logic error where invalid SQL was being generated in some cases for our faceting calculations but the resulting sqlite3.OperationalError had been incorrectly captured and treated as a timeout. Refs #255 Closes #269 2018-05-18T06:07:45Z 2018-05-18T06:11:23Z 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 107914493 9599 9599