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0b8c1b0a6da9cb8ac0d28cc90dd783de87554036 Test for sql_time_limit_ms + sqlite_functions mechanism Added a unit test for the sql_time_limit_ms option. To test this, I needed to add a custom SQLite sleep() function. I've added a simple mechanism to the Datasette class for registering custom functions. I also had to modify the sqlite_timelimit() function. It makes use of a magic value, N, which is the number of SQLite virtual machine instructions that should execute in between calls to my termination decision function. The value of N was not finely grained enough for my test to work - so I've added logic that says that if the time limit is less than 50ms, N is set to 1. This got the tests working. Refs #95 2017-11-15T02:41:03Z 2017-11-15T02:43:34Z 2946d096d0cdefdc017559e6b57e87658736e843 2946d096d0cdefdc017559e6b57e87658736e843 107914493 9599 9599
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