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html_url issue_url id node_id user created_at updated_at author_association body reactions issue performed_via_github_app 338523957 MDEyOklzc3VlQ29tbWVudDMzODUyMzk1Nw== 9599 2017-10-23T01:09:05Z 2017-10-24T02:42:12Z OWNER I also need to solve for weird primary keys. If it’s a single integer or a single char field that’s easy. But what if it is a compound key with more than one chat field? What delimiter can I use that will definitely be safe? Let’s say I use hyphen. Now I need to find a durable encoding for any hyphens that might exist in the key fields themselves. How about I use URLencoding for every non-alpha-numeric character? That will turn hyphens into (I think) %2D. It should also solve for unicode characters, but it means the vast majority of keys (integers) will display neatly, including a compound key of eg 5678-345 {"total_count": 0, "+1": 0, "-1": 0, "laugh": 0, "hooray": 0, "confused": 0, "heart": 0, "rocket": 0, "eyes": 0} 267513424