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html_url issue_url id node_id user created_at updated_at author_association body reactions issue performed_via_github_app 339413825 MDEyOklzc3VlQ29tbWVudDMzOTQxMzgyNQ== 9599 2017-10-25T17:48:48Z 2017-10-25T17:48:48Z OWNER Could I use to parse incoming statements and ensure they are pure SELECTs? Would that prevent people from using a compound SELECT statement to trigger an evil PRAGMA of some sort? {"total_count": 0, "+1": 0, "-1": 0, "laugh": 0, "hooray": 0, "confused": 0, "heart": 0, "rocket": 0, "eyes": 0} 268469569  
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