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id ▼ html_url issue_url node_id user created_at updated_at author_association body reactions issue performed_via_github_app
343697291 https://github.com/simonw/datasette/issues/63#issuecomment-343697291 https://api.github.com/repos/simonw/datasette/issues/63 MDEyOklzc3VlQ29tbWVudDM0MzY5NzI5MQ== simonw 9599 2017-11-11T22:05:06Z 2017-11-11T22:11:49Z OWNER I'm going to bundle sql and sql_params together into a query nested object like this: { "query": { "sql": "select ...", "params": { "p0": "blah" } } } {"total_count": 0, "+1": 0, "-1": 0, "laugh": 0, "hooray": 0, "confused": 0, "heart": 0, "rocket": 0, "eyes": 0} Review design of JSON output 273174447  

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CREATE TABLE [issue_comments] (
   [html_url] TEXT,
   [issue_url] TEXT,
   [node_id] TEXT,
   [user] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id]),
   [created_at] TEXT,
   [updated_at] TEXT,
   [author_association] TEXT,
   [body] TEXT,
   [reactions] TEXT,
   [issue] INTEGER REFERENCES [issues]([id])
, [performed_via_github_app] TEXT);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issue_comments_issue]
                ON [issue_comments] ([issue]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issue_comments_user]
                ON [issue_comments] ([user]);