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bug 727708732 v0.54 500 error from sql query in custom template; code worked in v0.53; found a workaround 795367402
bug 727708732 "invalid reference format" publishing Docker image 944903881
bug 727708732 absolute_url() behind a proxy assembles incorrect URLs 935930820
bug 727708732 Navigation menu display bug 913823889
bug 727708732 Intermittent CI failure: restore_working_directory FileNotFoundError 912485040
bug 727708732 CSV ?_stream=on redundantly calculates facets for every page 906385991
bug 727708732 ?_nocol= does not interact well with default facets 904071938
bug 727708732 "Show all columns" cog menu item should show if ?_col= is used 903200328
bug 727708732 Columns named "link" display in bold 866668415
bug 727708732 Index view crashes when any database table is not accessible to actor 864969683
bug 727708732 Latest Datasette tags missing from Docker Hub 842881221
bug 727708732 Facet by array breaks if table name contains a space 842212586
bug 727708732 Invalid SQL: "no such table: pragma_database_list" on database page 841456306
bug 727708732 Figure out why SpatiaLite 5.0 hangs the database page on Linux 837308703
bug 727708732 Table names containing single quotes break things 828811618
bug 727708732 Suggest for ArrayFacet possibly confused by blank values 817597268
bug 727708732 JSON filter fails if column contains spaces 813978858
bug 727708732 Custom pages don't work with base_url setting 813899472
bug 727708732 "datasette publish cloudrun" cannot publish files with spaces in their name 811458446
bug 727708732 Race condition errors in new refresh_schemas() mechanism 811367257
bug 727708732 /-/databases should reflect connection order, not alphabetical order 800669347
bug 727708732 Re-submitting filter form duplicates _x querystring arguments 799693777
bug 727708732 ?_size= argument is not persisted by hidden form fields in the table filters 788447787
bug 727708732 "Statement may not contain PRAGMA" error is not strictly true 784628163
bug 727708732 Certain database names results in 404: "Database not found: None" 781262510
bug 727708732 Use force_https_urls on when deploying with Cloud Run 780267857
bug 727708732 Prettier package not actually being cached 777677671
bug 727708732 Better internal database_name for _internal database 771216293
bug 727708732 Default styling for bullet point lists 763207948
bug 727708732 "_searchmode=raw" throws an index out of range error when combined with "_search_COLUMN" 760312579
bug 727708732 "datasette inspect" outputs invalid JSON if an error is logged 757481949
bug 727708732 Datasette on Amazon Linux on ARM returns 404 for static assets 756439516
bug 727708732 Table actions hook are order dependent, should not be 755721275
bug 727708732 GENERATED column support 753668177
bug 727708732 500 error on row page if query against foreign keys hits time limit 752789159
bug 727708732 Error on OPTIONS request to database 747702144
bug 727708732 Foreign key links break for compound foreign keys 743370900
bug 727708732 .json and .csv exports fail to apply base_url 742011049
bug 727708732 OperationalError('interrupted') can 500 on row page 741268956
bug 727708732 Foreign keys with blank titles result in non-clickable links 741021342
bug 727708732 Table/database action menu cut off if too short  737394470
bug 727708732 PrefixedUrlString mechanism broke everything 733796942
bug 727708732 load_template hook doesn't work for include/extends 733499930
bug 727708732 Messages should be displayed full width 733485423
bug 727708732 Column action menu overlapped by Leaflet maps 729183332
bug 727708732 Fix last remaining links to "/" that do not respect base_url 722724086
bug 727708732 Fix issues relating to base_url 722673818
bug 727708732 column name links broken in 0.50.1 718521469
bug 727708732 json / CSV links are broken in Datasette 0.50 718484082
bug 727708732 OPTIONS requests return a 500 error 717768441
bug 727708732 Better handling of multiple matching template wildcard paths 716756082
bug 727708732 Column action sort descending/ascending links should remove _next= pagination 713304417
bug 727708732 Another rendering glitch with column headers on mobile 710819020
bug 727708732 Rendering glitch with column headings on mobile 710506708
bug 727708732 static assets and favicon aren't cached by the browser 707849175
bug 727708732 'bool' object is not callable error 706486323
bug 727708732 Writable canned queries with magic parameters fail if POST body is empty 702069429
bug 727708732 Remove _request_ip example from canned queries documentation 701584448
bug 727708732 Currently selected array facets are not correctly persisted through hidden form fields 699947574
bug 727708732 Exception in tracing code 682184050
bug 727708732 db.execute_write_fn(create_tables, block=True) hangs a thread if connection fails 679646710
bug 727708732 --get doesn't fully invoke the startup routine 679637501
bug 727708732 Docker container is no longer being pushed (it's stuck on 0.45) 677926613
bug 727708732 Datasette sdist is missing templates (hence broken when installing from Homebrew) 677326155
bug 727708732 Test failures caused by failed attempts to mock pip 677272618
bug 727708732 Security issue: read-only canned queries leak CSRF token in URL 675724951
bug 727708732 "Object of type bytes is not JSON serializable" for _nl=on 671056788
bug 727708732 AsgiFileDownload: filename not correctly passed 667467128
bug 727708732 Some links don't honor base_url 661605489
bug 727708732 "latest" in new documentation navbar is invisible 655465863
bug 727708732 asgi_wrapper plugin hook is crashing at startup 649907676
bug 727708732 URLs in release notes point to 649702801
bug 727708732 /favicon.ico 500 error 647095808
bug 727708732 "datasette -p 0 --root" gives the wrong URL 647095487
bug 727708732 base_url doesn't seem to work when adding criteria and clicking "apply" 644582921
bug 727708732 datasette.add_message() doesn't work inside plugins 644309017
bug 727708732 {{ csrftoken() }} doesn't work with datasette.render_template() 644283211
bug 727708732 publish heroku does not work on Windows 10 642388564
bug 727708732 "Too many open files" error running tests 638241779
bug 727708732 Code coverage should ignore files in .coveragerc 638238548
bug 727708732 {"$file": ...} mechanism is broken 637409144
bug 727708732 Incorrect URLs when served behind a proxy with base_url set 637395097
bug 727708732 Plugin $env secrets mechanism doesn't work inside lists 637370652
bug 727708732 actor_matches_allow fails to consider all keys 637365801
bug 727708732 Horizontal scrollbar on changelog page on mobile 635914822
bug 727708732 python tests/fixtures.py command has a bug 632673972
bug 727708732 "datasette plugins" command is broken 632056825
bug 727708732 request.url and request.scheme should obey force_https_urls config setting 626663119
bug 727708732 Error pages not correctly loading CSS 626171242
bug 727708732 Non-utf8 encoding in exceptionhandlers and custom-pages 611835285
bug 727708732 Cloud Run fails to serve database files larger than 32MB 610829227
bug 727708732 link_or_copy_directory() error - Invalid cross-device link 608058890
bug 727708732 escape_fts() does not correctly escape * wildcards 607770595
bug 727708732 Don't throw 500 error on attempted directory browse 607211058
bug 727708732 --plugin-secret over-rides existing metadata.json plugin config 598013965
bug 727708732 extra_template_vars() sending wrong view_name for index 594168758
bug 727708732 latest.datasette.io is no longer updating 585626199
bug 727708732 index.html is not reliably loaded from a plugin 577578306
bug 727708732 Single failing unit test when run inside the Docker image 576722115
bug 727708732 datasette publish cloudrun --memory option 576582604

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