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enhancement 727708734 Set up a pattern portfolio 276718605
enhancement 727708734 Testing utilities should be available to plugins 502355384
enhancement 727708734 Redesign register_output_renderer callback 502993509
enhancement 727708734 Datasette should not completely crash if one SQLite database is malformed 503053243
enhancement 727708734 Enable "explain" and "explain query plan" for CTEs 503128914
enhancement 727708734 Databases on index page should display in order they were passed to "datasette serve"? 503217375
enhancement 727708734 Handle really wide tables better 507454958
enhancement 727708734 Basic join support for table view 516874735
enhancement 727708734 Mechanism for seeing indexes on a specific table 520507306
enhancement 727708734 "Invalid SQL" page should let you edit the SQL 520655983
enhancement 727708734 Mechanism for indicating foreign key relationships in the table and query page URLs 520667773
enhancement 727708734 Reduce table counts on index page with many databases 534530973
enhancement 727708734 Introduce a SQL statement parser in Python 559964149
enhancement 727708734 Make it easier to load SpatiaLite 563347679
enhancement 727708734 Cashe-header missing in http-response 569317377
enhancement 727708734 Mechanism for plugins to add action menu items for various things 573755726
enhancement 727708734 --reload sould reload server if code in --plugins-dir changes 574021194
enhancement 727708734 is_hidden_table context variable on table.html page 574035432
enhancement 727708734 Update SQLite bundled with Docker container 576711589
enhancement 727708734 Option in metadata.json to set default sort order for a table 585390482
enhancement 727708734 Custom CSS class on body for styling canned queries 600583271
enhancement 727708734 Extract the hash-URL mechanism out into a plugin 608613033
enhancement 727708734 Directory configuration mode should support metadata.yaml 610192152
enhancement 727708734 Add notlike table filter 611252244
enhancement 727708734 Ability to set custom default _size on a per-table basis 611540797
enhancement 727708734 Question: Access to immutable database-path 612382643
enhancement 727708734 Way of seeing full schema for a database 613422636
enhancement 727708734 Support "allow" block on root, databases and tables, not just queries 633578769
enhancement 727708734 Set an upper limit on total facet suggestion time for a page 643510821
enhancement 727708734 "Logged in as: XXX - logout" navigation item 647103735
enhancement 727708734 ?sort=colname~numeric to sort by by column cast to real 657572753
enhancement 727708734 SQL query output should show numeric values in a different colour 657747959
enhancement 727708734 Use white-space: pre-wrap on ALL table cell contents 658476055
enhancement 727708734 Request method for retrieving the unparsed request body 659580487
enhancement 727708734 /database.db download should include content-length header 663317875
enhancement 727708734 Support reverse pagination (previous page, has-previous-items) 672421411
enhancement 727708734 Pass columns to extra CSS/JS/etc plugin hooks 679700269
enhancement 727708734 datasette --get exit code should reflect HTTP errors 684111953
enhancement 727708734 register_output_renderer render function should be able to return a Response 687681018
enhancement 727708734 Verification checks for metadata.json on startup 696908389
enhancement 727708734 datasette --pdb option for debugging errors 699622046
enhancement 727708734 raise_404 mechanism for custom templates 700728217
enhancement 727708734 Add --tar option to "datasette publish heroku" 705057955
enhancement 727708734 request an "-o" option on "datasette server" to open the default browser at the running url 705108492
enhancement 727708734 Support the dbstat table 705827457
enhancement 727708734 Support faceting against arbitrary SQL queries 705840673
enhancement 727708734 Default table view JSON should include CREATE TABLE 710650633
enhancement 727708734 Column actions should support facet by compound primary keys 712839383
enhancement 727708734 Change "--config foo:bar" to "--setting foo bar" 714449879
enhancement 727708734 Better handling of multiple matching template wildcard paths 716756082
enhancement 727708734 Wide tables should scroll horizontally within the page 717699884
enhancement 727708734 from_json jinja2 filter 718238967
enhancement 727708734 "Edit SQL" button on canned queries 721050815
enhancement 727708734 --load-extension=spatialite shortcut 723803777
enhancement 727708734 Bring date parsing into Datasette core 724878151
enhancement 727708734 Better way of representing binary data in .csv output 725184645
enhancement 727708734 /db/table/-/blob/pk/column.blob download URL 726910999
enhancement 727708734 extra_js_urls and extra_css_urls should respect base_url setting 727627923
enhancement 727708734 Switch to .blob render extension for BLOB downloads 729057388
enhancement 727708734 Better display of binary data on arbitrary query results page 729096595
enhancement 727708734 Switch from versioneer to concrete version in setup.py 730199464
enhancement 727708734 --cors should enable /fixtures.db CORS access 730797787
enhancement 727708734 New explicit versioning mechanism 731827081
enhancement 727708734 .blob output renderer 732634375
enhancement 727708734 latest.datasette.io should include plugins from fixtures 733768037
enhancement 727708734 database_actions plugin hook 733829385
enhancement 727708734 "View all" option for facets, to provide a (paginated) list of ALL of the facet counts plus a link to view them 734777631
enhancement 727708734 Advanced CSV export for arbitrary queries 736365306
enhancement 727708734 Idea: ?_extra=urls for getting back URLs to useful things 741231849
enhancement 727708734 Custom widgets for canned query forms 741862364
enhancement 727708734 TSV should be a default export option 743359646
enhancement 727708734 Support linking to compound foreign keys 743371103
enhancement 727708734 datasette publish option for installing extra apt-get packages 750330029
enhancement 727708734 --load-extension=spatialite not working with datasetteproject/datasette docker image 752966476
enhancement 727708734 SpatiaLite error could suggest --load-extension=spatialite 752995227
enhancement 727708734 Include generated columns in fixtures.db, if SQLite version supports it 753876808
enhancement 727708734 Show pysqlite3 version on /-/versions 756622648
enhancement 727708734 New filter: array does not contain 758899581
enhancement 727708734 Option to omit header row in CSV export 759695780
enhancement 727708734 "Powered by Datasette" should link to new datasette.io site 761713079
enhancement 727708734 Ability to stream all rows as newline-delimited JSON 780153562
enhancement 727708734 `datasette publish upload` mechanism for uploading databases to an existing Datasette instance 787098146
enhancement 727708734 view_name = "query" for the query page 789336592
enhancement 727708734 ?_size=10 option for the arbitrary query page would be useful 792890765
enhancement 727708734 gzip support for HTML (and JSON) responses 799663959
enhancement 727708734 Support SSL/TLS directly 806849424
enhancement 727708734 Ability to increase size of the SQL editor window 812228314
enhancement 727708734 ?_pretty=1 option for pretty-printing JSON output 812704869
enhancement 727708734 Sticky table column headers would be useful, especially on the query page 817544251
enhancement 727708734 Allow canned query params to specify default values 828858421
enhancement 727708734 Don't attempt to run count(*) against virtual tables 837348479
enhancement 727708734 ?_facet_size=X to increase number of facets results on the page 893890496
enhancement 727708734 "More" link for facets that shows _facet_size=max results 898904402
enhancement 727708734 ?_col=/?_nocol= to show/hide columns on the table page 899851083
enhancement 727708734 ?_nofacets=1 query string argument for disabling facets and suggested facets 906977719
enhancement 727708734 Get `?_trace=1` working with CSV and streaming CSVs 906993731
enhancement 727708734 ?_nocount=1 for opting out of table counts 908446997
enhancement 727708734 datasette --get should efficiently handle streaming CSV 910088936
enhancement 727708734 `?_trace=1` should only be available with a new `trace_debug` setting 912419349
enhancement 727708734 Serve using UNIX domain socket 939051549

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