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400579136 MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0NDAwNTc5MTM2 722 closed 0 Update jinja2 requirement from ~=2.10.3 to >=2.10.3,<2.12.0 27856297 Updates the requirements on [jinja2](https://github.com/pallets/jinja) to permit the latest version. <details> <summary>Release notes</summary> <p><em>Sourced from <a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/releases">jinja2's releases</a>.</em></p> <blockquote> <h2>2.11.1</h2> <p>This fixes an issue in async environment when indexing the result of an attribute lookup, like <code>{{ data.items[1:] }}</code>.</p> <ul> <li>Changes: <a href="https://jinja.palletsprojects.com/en/2.11.x/changelog/#version-2-11-1">https://jinja.palletsprojects.com/en/2.11.x/changelog/#version-2-11-1</a></li> </ul> </blockquote> </details> <details> <summary>Changelog</summary> <p><em>Sourced from <a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/blob/master/CHANGES.rst">jinja2's changelog</a>.</em></p> <blockquote> <h1>Version 2.11.1</h1> <p>Released 2020-01-30</p> <ul> <li>Fix a bug that prevented looking up a key after an attribute (<code>{{ data.items[1:] }}</code>) in an async template. 1141</li> </ul> <h1>Version 2.11.0</h1> <p>Released 2020-01-27</p> <ul> <li>Drop support for Python 2.6, 3.3, and 3.4. This will be the last version to support Python 2.7 and 3.5.</li> <li>Added a new <code>ChainableUndefined</code> class to support getitem and getattr on an undefined object. 977</li> <li>Allow <code>{%+</code> syntax (with NOP behavior) when <code>lstrip_blocks</code> is disabled. 748</li> <li>Added a <code>default</code> parameter for the <code>map</code> filter. 557</li> <li>Exclude environment globals from meta.find_undeclared_variables. 931</li> <li>Float literals can be written with scientific notation, like 2.56e-3. 912, 922</li> <li>Int and float literals can be written with the '_' separator for legibility, like 12_345. 923</li> <li>Fix a bug causing deadlocks in <code>LRUCache.setdefault</code>. 1000</li> <li>The <code>trim</code> filter takes an optional string of characters to trim. 828</li> <li>A new <code>jinja2.ext.debug</code> extension adds a <code>{% debug %}</code> tag to quickly dump the current context and available filters and tests. 174, 798, 983</li> <li>Lexing templates with large amounts of whitespace is much faster. 857, 858</li> <li>Parentheses around comparisons are preserved, so <code>{{ 2 * (3 &lt; 5) }}</code> outputs &quot;2&quot; instead of &quot;False&quot;. 755, 938</li> <li>Add new <code>boolean</code>, <code>false</code>, <code>true</code>, <code>integer</code> and <code>float</code> tests. 824</li> <li>The environment's <code>finalize</code> function is only applied to the output of expressions (constant or not), not static template data. 63</li> <li>When providing multiple paths to <code>FileSystemLoader</code>, a template can have the same name as a directory. 821</li> <li>Always return Undefined when omitting the <code>else</code> clause in a <code>{{ 'foo' if bar }}</code> expression, regardless of the environment's <code>undefined</code> class. Omitting the <code>else</code> clause is a valid shortcut and should not raise an error when using StrictUndefined. 710, 1079</li> <li>Fix behavior of <code>loop</code> control variables such as <code>length</code> and <code>revindex0</code> when looping over a generator. 459, 751, 794, 993</li> <li>Async support is only loaded the first time an environment enables it, in order to avoid a slow initial import. 765</li> <li>In async environments, the <code>|map</code> filter will await the filter call if needed. 913</li> <li>In for loops that access <code>loop</code> attributes, the iterator is not advanced ahead of the current iteration unless <code>length</code>, <code>revindex</code>, <code>nextitem</code>, or <code>last</code> are accessed. This makes it less likely to break <code>groupby</code> results. 555, 1101</li> <li>In async environments, the <code>loop</code> attributes <code>length</code> and <code>revindex</code> work for async iterators. 1101</li> <li>In async environments, values from attribute/property access will be awaited if needed. 1101</li> <li>~loader.PackageLoader doesn't depend on setuptools or pkg_resources. 970</li> <li><code>PackageLoader</code> has limited support for 420 namespace packages. 1097</li> <li>Support os.PathLike objects in ~loader.FileSystemLoader and ~loader.ModuleLoader. 870</li> <li>~nativetypes.NativeTemplate correctly handles quotes between expressions. <code>&quot;'{{ a }}', '{{ b }}'&quot;</code> renders as the tuple <code>('1', '2')</code> rather than the string <code>'1, 2'</code>. 1020</li> <li>Creating a ~nativetypes.NativeTemplate directly creates a ~nativetypes.NativeEnvironment instead of a default Environment. 1091</li> <li>After calling <code>LRUCache.copy()</code>, the copy's queue methods point to the correct queue. 843</li> <li>Compiling templates always writes UTF-8 instead of defaulting to the system encoding. 889</li> <li><code>|wordwrap</code> filter treats existing newlines as separate paragraphs to be wrapped individually, rather than creating short intermediate lines. 175</li> <li>Add <code>break_on_hyphens</code> parameter to <code>|wordwrap</code> filter. 550</li> <li>Cython compiled functions decorated as context functions will be passed the context. 1108</li> <li>When chained comparisons of constants are evaluated at compile time, the result follows Python's behavior of returning <code>False</code> if any comparison returns <code>False</code>, rather than only the last one. 1102</li> <li>Tracebacks for exceptions in templates show the correct line numbers and source for Python &gt;= 3.7. 1104</li> <li>Tracebacks for template syntax errors in Python 3 no longer show internal compiler frames. 763</li> <li>Add a <code>DerivedContextReference</code> node that can be used by extensions to get the current context and local variables such as <code>loop</code>. 860</li> <li>Constant folding during compilation is applied to some node types that were previously overlooked. 733</li> <li><code>TemplateSyntaxError.source</code> is not empty when raised from an included template. 457</li> </ul> </tr></table> ... (truncated) </blockquote> </details> <details> <summary>Commits</summary> <ul> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/b85283e8464d56ef129fe8969f9abbb77be31be0"><code>b85283e</code></a> release version 2.11.1</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/3d5bfc6109bcc682f5266b118180e8b5fb775ae9"><code>3d5bfc6</code></a> Merge pull request <a href="https://github-redirect.dependabot.com/pallets/jinja/issues/1143">#1143</a> from pallets/bugfix/attribute-access</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/d61c1ea70bfc98eb6a0dc690e2f0a1527fd80f10"><code>d61c1ea</code></a> add changelog</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/15d7e615f4dc81424ad15b852ca69d1d98129139"><code>15d7e61</code></a> Added regression test for slicing of attributes</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/05dee9b87023930f8131cbc0815b56a23e973c3d"><code>05dee9b</code></a> Fix attribute access in async code. Fixes <a href="https://github-redirect.dependabot.com/pallets/jinja/issues/1141">#1141</a></li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/bbdafe33ce9f47e3cbfb9415619e354349f11243"><code>bbdafe3</code></a> release version 2.11.0</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/9ff27f64a92171c912e403bd66c392ec1a70533a"><code>9ff27f6</code></a> add python 3.8 classifier, clean up changelog</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/d312609ccd561498d2963d47f0330715e8f24982"><code>d312609</code></a> isolate bytecode cache tests</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/984997913cc2eb1a00e1b8787c3d3ada5dd359c7"><code>9849979</code></a> import Markup from markupsafe, fix flake8 import warnings</li> <li><a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/commit/c6d864cf8975415bd4ffee17f29e37f95969c8c9"><code>c6d864c</code></a> increment bytecode cache version</li> <li>Additional commits viewable in <a href="https://github.com/pallets/jinja/compare/2.10.3...2.11.1">compare view</a></li> </ul> </details> <br /> Dependabot will resolve any conflicts with this PR as long as you don't alter it yourself. You can also trigger a rebase manually by commenting `@dependabot rebase`. [//]: # (dependabot-automerge-start) [//]: # (dependabot-automerge-end) --- **Note:** This repo was added to Dependabot recently, so you'll receive a maximum of 5 PRs for your first few update runs. Once an update run creates fewer than 5 PRs we'll remove that limit. You can always request more updates by clicking `Bump now` in your [Dependabot dashboard](https://app.dependabot.com). <details> <summary>Dependabot commands and options</summary> <br /> You can trigger Dependabot actions by commenting on this PR: - `@dependabot rebase` will rebase this PR - `@dependabot recreate` will recreate this PR, overwriting any edits that have been made to it - `@dependabot merge` will merge this PR after your CI passes on it - `@dependabot squash and merge` will squash and merge this PR after your CI passes on it - `@dependabot cancel merge` will cancel a previously requested merge and block automerging - `@dependabot reopen` will reopen this PR if it is closed - `@dependabot close` will close this PR and stop Dependabot recreating it. You can achieve the same result by closing it manually - `@dependabot ignore this major version` will close this PR and stop Dependabot creating any more for this major version (unless you reopen the PR or upgrade to it yourself) - `@dependabot ignore this minor version` will close this PR and stop Dependabot creating any more for this minor version (unless you reopen the PR or upgrade to it yourself) - `@dependabot ignore this dependency` will close this PR and stop Dependabot creating any more for this dependency (unless you reopen the PR or upgrade to it yourself) - `@dependabot use these labels` will set the current labels as the default for future PRs for this repo and language - `@dependabot use these reviewers` will set the current reviewers as the default for future PRs for this repo and language - `@dependabot use these assignees` will set the current assignees as the default for future PRs for this repo and language - `@dependabot use this milestone` will set the current milestone as the default for future PRs for this repo and language - `@dependabot badge me` will comment on this PR with code to add a "Dependabot enabled" badge to your readme Additionally, you can set the following in your Dependabot [dashboard](https://app.dependabot.com): - Update frequency (including time of day and day of week) - Pull request limits (per update run and/or open at any time) - Out-of-range updates (receive only lockfile updates, if desired) - Security updates (receive only security updates, if desired) </details> 2020-04-08T01:25:24Z 2020-05-04T17:13:26Z 2020-05-04T17:13:16Z 2020-05-04T17:13:16Z aa064de3f400899dbf61f2d33a035fba4017596c     0 0a503b7fdb0cce1bb82e18c4552a4f92808fe41f d55fe8cdfc2ce7bc6960bf2507766c1fcd1d31a7 CONTRIBUTOR 107914493 https://github.com/simonw/datasette/pull/722    

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