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512545364 MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0NTEyNTQ1MzY0 1061 closed 0 .blob output renderer 9599 - [x] Remove the `/-/...blob/...` route I added in #1040 in place of the new `.blob` renderer URLs - [x] Link to new `.blob` download links on the arbitrary query page (using `_blob_hash=...`) - plus tests for this Closes #1050, Closes #1051 2020-10-29T20:25:08Z 2020-10-29T22:01:40Z 2020-10-29T22:01:39Z 2020-10-29T22:01:39Z 78b3eeaad9189eb737014f53212082684f4bb0d4   6026070 0 1196d084de6a7a6f68c7705a6cc096bb8df132e3 d6f9ff71378c4eab34dad181c23cfc143a4aef2d OWNER 107914493 https://github.com/simonw/datasette/pull/1061    

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