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207052882 2020-10-19 - `github-to-sqlite repos` command now takes options `--readme` and `--readme-html`, which write the README or rendered HTML README into the `readme` or `readme_html` columns, respectively. #52 - New `--accept` option for `github-to-sqlite get`. #50 2020-10-19T05:38:34Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
197431109 2020-10-17 - Facet by date. #16 - Now depends on [Datasette 0.50.2]( - Uses `datasette.client` and passes through authentication cookies. #28 2020-10-17T23:03:04Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197882382 2020-10-17 - Fixed a bug where export files generated in languages other than English failed to import. #11 - CI now uses GitHub Actions 2020-10-17T21:17:34Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "healthkit", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-10-16 - New `--encoding` option for processing CSV and TSV files that use a non-utf-8 encoding, for both the `insert` and `update` commands. ([#182]( - The `--load-extension` option is now available to many more commands. ([#137]( - `--load-extension=spatialite` can be used to load SpatiaLite from common installation locations, if it is available. ([#136]( - Tests now also run against Python 3.9. ([#184]( - Passing `pk=["id"]` now has the same effect as passing `pk="id"`. ([#181]( 2020-10-16T19:31:45Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
205429375 2020-10-12 - Fix for "table photos has no column named hasSticker" bug, thanks @mattiaborsoi. #10 - Switched CI to GitHub Actions. 2020-10-12T20:33:48Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "foursquare", "foursquare-api", "sqlite", "swarm"]
303218369 2020-10-12 - Notes now use an ID derived from a hash of their contents. #3 - Date columns are now in ISO format, and indexd. #4 - Notes and resources table now have full-text search configured. #4 - Improved how OCR is stored in the database, only storing the most confident matches. #6 2020-10-12T00:07:24Z ["datasette-io", "dogsheep", "evernote", "sqlite"]
303218369 2020-10-11 - Initial release, with support for importing ENEX files. 2020-10-11T21:47:39Z ["datasette-io", "dogsheep", "evernote", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-10-10 * Fixed another bug introduced in 0.50 where column header links on the table page were broken. (#1011) 2020-10-10T03:59:18Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-10-10 - Fixed a bug introduced in 0.50 where the export as JSON/CSV links on the table, row and query pages were broken. (#1010) 2020-10-10T00:44:23Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-10-09 The key new feature in this release is the **column actions** menu on the table page ([#891]( This can be used to sort a column in ascending or descending order, facet data by that column or filter the table to just rows that have a value for that column. Plugin authors can use the new [datasette.client]( object to make internal HTTP requests from their plugins, allowing them to make use of Datasette's JSON API. ([#943]( New [Deploying Datasette]( documentation with guides for deploying Datasette on a Linux server [using systemd]( or to hosting providers [that support buildpacks]( ([#514](, [#997]( Other improvements in this release: - [Publishing to Google Cloud Run]( documentation now covers Google Cloud SDK options. Thanks, Geoffrey Hing. ([#995]( - New `datasette -o` option which opens your browser as soon as Datasette starts up. ([#970]( - Datasette now sets `sqlite3.enable_callback_tracebacks(True)` so that errors in custom SQL functions will display tracebacks. ([#891]( - Fixed two rendering bugs with column headers in portrait mobile view. ([#978](, [#980]( - New `db.table_column_details(table)` introspection method for retrieving full details of the columns in a specific table, see [Database introspection](https://do… 2020-10-09T17:58:27Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-10-06 - Column action menu now shows the column type. ([#993]( - Column action sort links now correctly link to the first page of sorted results. ([#989]( - [Publishing to Google Cloud Run]( documentation now covers Google Cloud SDK options. Thanks, Geoffrey Hing. ([#995]( 2020-10-06T20:52:49Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-10-01 - New column action menu - table columns now show a cog icon which provides a contextual menu for that column. ([#981]( - New `datasette -o` option which opens your browser as soon as Datasette starts up. ([#970]( - `sqlite3.enable_callback_tracebacks(True)` so errors in custom SQL functions will now display tracebacks. ([#891]( - Fixed two rendering bugs with column headers in portrait mobile view. ([#978](, [#980]( 2020-10-01T23:35:54Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-09-24 - `table.extract()` and `sqlite-utils extract` now apply much, much faster - one example operation reduced from twelve minutes to just four seconds! ([#172]( - `sqlite-utils extract` no longer shows a progress bar, because it's fast enough not to need one. - New `column_order=` option for `table.transform()` which can be used to alter the order of columns in a table. ([#175]( - `sqlite-utils transform --column-order=` option (with a `-o` shortcut) for changing column order. ([#176]( - The `table.transform(drop_foreign_keys=)` parameter and the `sqlite-utils transform --drop-foreign-key` option have changed. They now accept just the name of the column rather than requiring all three of the column, other table and other column. This is technically a backwards-incompatible change but I chose not to bump the major version number because the transform feature is so new. ([#177]( - The table `.disable_fts()`, `.rebuild_fts()`, `.delete()`, `.delete_where()` and `.add_missing_columns()` methods all now `return self`, which means they can be chained together with other table operations. 2020-09-24T16:45:44Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-09-23 This release introduces two key new capabilities: **transform** ([#114]( and **extract** ([#42]( ### Transform SQLite's ALTER TABLE has [several documented limitations]( The `table.transform()` Python method and `sqlite-utils transform` CLI command work around these limitations using a pattern where a new table with the desired structure is created, data is copied over to it and the old table is then dropped and replaced by the new one. You can use these tools to drop columns, change column types, rename columns, add and remove `NOT NULL` and defaults, remove foreign key constraints and more. See the [transforming tables (CLI)]( and [transforming tables (Python library)]( documentation for full details of how to use them. ### Extract Sometimes a database table - especially one imported from a CSV file - will contain duplicate data. A `Trees` table may include a `Species` column with only a few dozen unique values, when the table itself contains thousands of rows. The `table.extract()` method and `sqlite-utils extract` commands can extract a column - or multiple columns - out into a separate lookup table, and set up a foreign key relationship from the original table. The Python library [extract() documentation]( describes how extraction works in detail, and [Extracting columns into a separate table]( in the CLI documentation includes a detailed example. ### Other changes - The `@db.register_function` decorator can be used to quickly register Python functions as custom SQL functions, see [Registering custom SQL functions](https://sqlite-utils.rea… 2020-09-23T00:37:01Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
197431109 2020-09-20 - Added by date, as part of developing a timeline view. #16 2020-09-20T23:37:48Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
140912432 2020-09-20 - New `sqlite-utils add-foreign-keys` command for [Adding multiple foreign keys at once]( ([#157]( - New `table.enable_fts(..., replace=True)` argument for replacing an existing FTS table with a new configuration. ([#160]( - New `table.add_foreign_key(..., ignore=True)` argument for ignoring a foreign key if it already exists. ([#112]( 2020-09-20T22:24:04Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
197431109 2020-09-18 - New `template_debug` configuration setting. #25 - Templates now autoescape by default, use `{{|safe }}` if you know you want HTML not to be escaped. - Fixed bug where the wrong template fragment could be used for a row. #24 - Sort order is now persisted when you execute a new search. #23 2020-09-18T22:41:33Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-17 - Fixed bug with sort orders displayed for the timeline view. #22 2020-09-17T23:13:46Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-17 - Option to sort by relevance / oldest / newest. #21 - Renamed `table` column to `type`. #17 - New `-d` option for passing one or more databases to index. Without this all databases in the config file will be indexed. 2020-09-17T22:57:09Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
207052882 2020-09-17 - New `github-to-sqlite get /gists` command for making authenticated API calls against any API path. #50 2020-09-17T03:55:03Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-09-15 - Fixed a bug with writable canned queries that use magic parameters but accept no non-magic arguments. (#967) 2020-09-15T20:21:16Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-09-14 - Writable canned queries now expose a JSON API, see [JSON API for writable canned queries]( ([#880]( - New mechanism for defining page templates with custom path parameters - a template file called `pages/about/{slug}.html` will be used to render any requests to `/about/something`. See [Path parameters for pages]( ([#944]( - `register_output_renderer()` render functions can now return a `Response`. ([#953]( - New `--upgrade` option for `datasette install`. ([#945]( - New `datasette --pdb` option. ([#962]( - `datasette --get` exit code now reflects the internal HTTP status code. ([#947]( - New `raise_404()` template function for returning 404 errors. ([#964]( - `datasette publish heroku` now deploys using Python 3.8.5 - Upgraded [CodeMirror]( to 5.57.0. ([#948]( - Upgraded code style to Black 20.8b1. ([#958]( - Fixed bug where selected facets were not correctly persisted in hidden form fields on the table page. ([#963]( - Renamed the default error template from `500.html` to `error.html`. - Custom error pages are now documented, see [Custom error pages]( ([#965]( 2020-09-14T21:40:11Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-09-14 - Upgraded [CodeMirror]( to 5.57.0. ([#948]( - Upgraded code style to Black 20.8b1. ([#958]( - New `datasette --pdb` option. ([#962]( - `datasette --get` exit code now reflects the internal HTTP status code. ([#947]( - Fixed bug where selected facets were not correctly persisted in hidden form fields on the table page. ([#963]( - New mechanism for defining page templates with custom path parameters. ([#944]( 2020-09-14T02:48:19Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
197431109 2020-09-09 - Renamed `table` column to `type`. #17 - New `-d` option for passing one or more databases to index. Without this all databases in the config file will be indexed. 2020-09-09T00:46:06Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
140912432 2020-09-08 - `table.rebuild_fts()` method for rebuilding a FTS index, see [Rebuilding a full-text search table]( ([#155]( - `sqlite-utils rebuild-fts data.db` command for rebuilding FTS indexes across all tables, or just specific tables. ([#155]( - `table.optimize()` method no longer deletes junk rows from the `*_fts_docsize` table. This was added in 2.17 but it turns out running `table.rebuild_fts()` is a better solution to this problem. - Fixed a bug where rows with additional columns that are inserted after the first batch of records could cause an error due to breaking SQLite's maximum number of parameters. Thanks, Simon Wiles. ([#145]( 2020-09-08T23:39:21Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-09-07 This release handles a bug where replacing rows in FTS tables could result in growing numbers of unneccessary rows in the associated `*_fts_docsize` table. ([#149]( - `PRAGMA recursive_triggers=on` by default for all connections. You can turn it off with `Database(recursive_triggers=False)`. ([#152]( - `table.optimize()` method now deletes unnecessary rows from the `*_fts_docsize` table. ([#153]( - New tracer method for tracking underlying SQL queries, see [Tracing queries]( ([#150]( - Neater indentation for schema SQL. ([#148]( - Documentation for `sqlite_utils.AlterError` exception thrown by in `add_foreign_keys()`. 2020-09-07T22:08:33Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
197431109 2020-09-05 - Rerun the search query with FTS quoting if a SQLite FTS error occurs. This means searching for e.g. "#dogfest" will no longer throw an error, while still supporting advanced SQLite FTS syntax. #14 - Maximum width 100% on images in results - Don't display facet headers if there are no results for that facet. 2020-09-05T16:26:06Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-04 - Custom template displays can now render a point on a map. #12 2020-09-04T01:46:16Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-03 - Fixed support for [advanced FTS query syntax]( #13 2020-09-03T21:41:52Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-03 - Working faceted search interface at `/-/beta` #3 - `is_public` column for filtering between public and private data. #11 - New `received` category. #10 2020-09-03T21:11:28Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-03 - Added `received` category. #10 - New `is_public` column. #11 2020-09-03T18:03:50Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-03 - Incomplete preview of the `/-/beta` search interface. #3 #9 2020-09-03T03:54:23Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-02 - New `category` column plus default `categories` table. #7 2020-09-02T21:07:44Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-01 - Use Porter stemming by default, allow that to be over-ridden with the new `--tokenize=` option. #2 2020-09-01T20:41:31Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-01 - Optimize the FTS table and vacuum the database. #4 - First non-alpha release 2020-09-01T06:12:05Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-01 - Now creates an index on the `timestamp` column. #1 2020-09-01T04:50:01Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
197431109 2020-09-01 - First working version 2020-09-01T04:19:00Z ["dogsheep", "search"]
107914493 2020-08-28 - `register_output_renderer()` render functions can now return a `Response`. ([#953]( - New `--upgrade` option for `datasette install`. ([#945]( - `datasette publish heroku` now deploys using Python 3.8.5 2020-08-28T23:18:09Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-08-28 - `insert_all(..., alter=True)` now works for columns introduced after the first 100 records. Thanks, Simon Wiles! ([#139]( - Continuous Integration is now powered by GitHub Actions. ([#143]( 2020-08-28T22:47:02Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-08-21 - `--load-extension` option for `sqlite-utils query` for loading SQLite extensions. ([#134]( - New `sqlite_utils.utils.find_spatialite()` function for finding SpatiaLite in common locations. ([#135]( 2020-08-21T21:05:51Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
207052882 2020-08-18 - New `github-to-sqlite emojis` command for fetching emoji supported by GitHub. [Demo]( #47 - Added table of contents to README. - Switched to GitHub Actions for CI. - Switched default branch to `main` 2020-08-18T15:08:20Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-08-16 - Datasette documentation now lives at []( - `db.is_mutable` property is now documented and tested, see [Database introspection]( - The `extra_template_vars`, `extra_css_urls`, `extra_js_urls` and `extra_body_script` plugin hooks now all accept the same arguments. See [extra_template_vars(template, database, table, columns, view_name, request, datasette)]( for details. ([#939]( - Those hooks now accept a new `columns` argument detailing the table columns that will be rendered on that page. ([#938]( - Fixed bug where plugins calling `db.execute_write_fn()` could hang Datasette if the connection failed. ([#935]( - Fixed bug with the `?_nl=on` output option and binary data. ([#914]( 2020-08-16T18:58:34Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-08-15 - The `datasette --get` command-line mechanism now ensures any plugins using the `startup()` hook are correctly executed. ([#934]( 2020-08-15T21:03:58Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-08-12 - Fixed an issue with the Docker image [published to Docker Hub]( ([#931]( 2020-08-12T20:55:28Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-08-12 - Now available as a `sdist` package on PyPI in addition to a wheel. ([#133]( 2020-08-12T17:00:27Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
107914493 2020-08-12 - Fixed a bug where the `sdist` distribution of Datasette was not correctly including the template files. ([#930]( 2020-08-12T02:38:00Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-08-12 - Datasette now has [a GitHub discussions forum]( for conversations about the project that go beyond just bug reports and issues. - Datasette can now be installed on macOS using Homebrew! Run `brew install simonw/datasette/datasette`. See [Using Homebrew]( ([#335]( - Two new commands: `datasette install name-of-plugin` and `datasette uninstall name-of-plugin`. These are equivalent to `pip install` and `pip uninstall` but automatically run in the same virtual environment as Datasette, so users don't have to figure out where that virtual environment is - useful for installations created using Homebrew or `pipx`. See [Installing plugins]( ([#925]( - A new command-line option, `datasette --get`, accepts a path to a URL within the Datasette instance. It will run that request through Datasette (without starting a web server) and print out the repsonse. See [datasette --get]( for an example. ([#926]( 2020-08-12T00:44:52Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-08-10 - New `db.enable_wal()` and `db.disable_wal()` methods for enabling and disabling [Write-Ahead Logging]( for a database file - see [WAL mode]( in the Python API documentation. - Also `sqlite-utils enable-wal file.db` and `sqlite-utils disable-wal file.db` commands for doing the same thing on the command-line, see [WAL mode (CLI)]( ([#132]( 2020-08-10T19:07:27Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
107914493 2020-08-09 **Warning:** This release contains a security fix related to authenticated writable canned queries. If you are using this feature you should upgrade as soon as possible. - **Security fix:** CSRF tokens were incorrectly included in read-only canned query forms, which could allow them to be leaked to a sophisticated attacker. See [issue 918]( for details. - Datasette now supports GraphQL via the new [datasette-graphql]( plugin - see [GraphQL in Datasette with the new datasette-graphql plugin]( - Principle git branch has been renamed from `master` to `main`. ([#849]( - New debugging tool: `/-/allow-debug tool` ([demo here]( helps test allow blocks against actors, as described in [Defining permissions with "allow" blocks]( ([#908]( - New logo for the documentation, and a new project tagline: "An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data". - Whitespace in column values is now respected on display, using `white-space: pre-wrap`. ([#896]( - New `await request.post_body()` method for accessing the raw POST body, see [Request object]( ([#897]( - Database file downloads now include a `content-length` HTTP header, enabling download progress bars. ([#905]( - File downloads now also correctly set the suggested file name using a `content-disposition` HTTP header. ([#909]( - `tests` are now excluded from the Datasette package properly - than… 2020-08-09T16:10:47Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-08-06 - Documentation improvements 2020-08-06T06:31:48Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-08-01 - The [insert-files command]( can now read from standard input: `cat dog.jpg | sqlite-utils insert-files dogs.db pics - --name=dog.jpg`. ([#127]( - You can now specify a full-text search tokenizer using the new `tokenize=` parameter to [enable_fts()]( This means you can enable Porter stemming on a table by running `db["articles"].enable_fts(["headline", "body"], tokenize="porter")`. ([#130]( - You can also set a custom tokenizer using the [sqlite-utils enable-fts]( CLI command, via the new `--tokenize` option. 2020-08-01T21:00:31Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-07-30 - `memoryview` and `uuid.UUID` objects are now supported. `memoryview` objects will be stored using `BLOB` and `uuid.UUID` objects will be stored using `TEXT`. (#128) 2020-07-30T01:15:55Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-07-27 The theme of this release is better tools for working with binary data. The new `insert-files` command can be used to insert binary files directly into a database table, and other commands have been improved with better support for BLOB columns. - `sqlite-utils insert-files my.db gifs *.gif` can now insert the contents of files into a specified table. The columns in the table can be customized to include different pieces of metadata derived from the files. See [Inserting binary data from files]( ([#122]( - `--raw` option to `sqlite-utils query` - for outputting just a single raw column value - see [Returning raw data from a query, such as binary content]( ([#123]( - JSON output now encodes BLOB values as special base64 obects - see [Running queries and returning JSON]( ([#125]( - The same format of JSON base64 objects can now be used to insert binary data - see [Inserting JSON data]( ([#126]( - The `sqlite-utils query` command can now accept named parameters, e.g. `sqlite-utils :memory: "select :num * :num2" -p num 5 -p num2 6` - see [Running queries and returning JSON]( ([#124]( 2020-07-27T07:24:10Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
206156866 2020-07-23 * Added table of contents to the documentation 2020-07-23T14:57:11Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite", "twitter", "twitter-api"]
206156866 2020-07-18 - Added changelog badge 2020-07-18T22:43:20Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite", "twitter", "twitter-api"]
207052882 2020-07-18 - New `github-to-sqlite tags github.db simonw/datasette` command for importing all tags for a repository. #43 2020-07-18T22:35:27Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
207052882 2020-07-09 - New `github-to-sqlite repos my.db -r simonw/datasette` option for importing just specific repositories. #42 2020-07-09T23:28:07Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-07-08 - New `--truncate` option to `sqlite-utils insert`, and `truncate=True` argument to `.insert_all()`. Thanks, Thomas Sibley. ([#118]( - The `sqlite-utils query` command now runs updates in a transaction. Thanks, Thomas Sibley. ([#120]( 2020-07-08T17:36:45Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
107914493 2020-07-01 Magic parameters for canned queries, a log out feature, improved plugin documentation and four new plugin hooks. ### Magic parameters for canned queries Canned queries now support [Magic parameters](, which can be used to insert or select automatically generated values. For example: ```sql insert into logs (user_id, timestamp) values (:_actor_id, :_now_datetime_utc) ``` This inserts the currently authenticated actor ID and the current datetime. ([#842]( ### Log out The [ds_actor cookie]( can be used by plugins (or by Datasette's [--root mechanism]( to authenticate users. The new `/-/logout` page provides a way to clear that cookie. A "Log out" button now shows in the global navigation provided the user is authenticated using the `ds_actor` cookie. ([#840]( ### Better plugin documentation The plugin documentation has been re-arranged into four sections, including a brand new section on testing plugins. ([#687]( - [Plugins]( introduces Datasette's plugin system and describes how to install and configure plugins. - [Writing plugins]( describes how to author plugins, from simple one-off plugins to packaged plugins that can be published to PyPI. It also describes how to start a plugin using the new [datasette-plugin]( cookiecutter template. - [Plugin hooks]( is a full list of detailed documentation for every Datasette plugin hook. - [Testing plugins](https://… 2020-07-01T21:46:07Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-07-01   2020-07-01T04:27:08Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-06-29   2020-06-29T02:33:02Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-06-28   2020-06-28T03:27:12Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-06-24   2020-06-24T04:32:12Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-06-23 * Added documentation for the `table.pks` introspection property. #116 2020-06-23T21:04:50Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
107914493 2020-06-19   2020-06-19T00:02:29Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-06-18   2020-06-18T21:14:00Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-06-12 - The `sqlite-utils` command now supports UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE in addition to SELECT. #115 2020-06-12T17:44:32Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
107914493 2020-06-12 Authentication and permissions, writable canned queries, flash messages, new plugin hooks and more. [Full release notes]( See also [Datasette 0.44: the annotated release notes]( 2020-06-12T07:10:38Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-05-28 The main focus of this release is a major upgrade to the [register_output_renderer(datasette)]( plugin hook, which allows plugins to provide new output formats for Datasette such as [datasette-atom]( and [datasette-ics]( - Redesign of [register_output_renderer(datasette)]( to provide more context to the render callback and support an optional `"can_render"` callback that controls if a suggested link to the output format is provided. ([#581](, [#770]( - Visually distinguish float and integer columns - useful for figuring out why order-by-column might be returning unexpected results. ([#729]( - The [Request object](, which is passed to several plugin hooks, is now documented. ([#706]( - New `metadata.json` option for setting a custom default page size for specific tables and views, see [Setting a custom page size]( ([#751]( - Canned queries can now be configured with a default URL fragment hash, useful when working with plugins such as [datasette-vega](, see [Setting a default fragment]( ([#706]( - Fixed a bug in `datasette publish` when running on operating systems where the `/tmp` directory lives in a different volume, using a backport of the Python 3.8 `shutil.copytree()` func… 2020-05-28T14:39:18Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
256834907 2020-05-25 - Documentation now explains how to use this with the [datasette-media](, [datasette-json-html]( and [datasette-template-sql]( plugins. #20 2020-05-25T20:13:23Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite"]
256834907 2020-05-20 - Renamed this project to `dogsheep-photos`. #26 - `apple-photos` command now works even if you haven't yet run `upload`. #19 - `--image-url-prefix` and `--image-url-suffix` options to `apple-photos`. #24 - New `create-subset` command. #23 2020-05-20T04:24:28Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-05-11 * Added custom project links to the [PyPI listing]( 2020-05-11T19:21:24Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-05-11 - New `sqlite-utils drop-table` command, see [Dropping tables]( ([#111]( - New `sqlite-utils drop-view` command, see [Dropping views]( - Python `decimal.Decimal` objects are now stored as `FLOAT`. ([#110]( 2020-05-11T01:57:11Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
107914493 2020-05-08 A small release which provides improved internal methods for use in plugins, along with documentation. See #685. * Added documentation for `db.execute()`, see [await db.execute(sql, ...)]( * Renamed `db.execute_against_connection_in_thread()` to `db.execute_fn()` and made it a documented method, see [await db.execute_fn(fn)]( * New `results.first()` and `results.single_value()` methods, plus documentation for the `Results` class - see [Results]( 2020-05-08T17:56:36Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-05-06 You can now create [custom pages]( within your Datasette instance using a custom template file. For example, adding a template file called `templates/pages/about.html` will result in a new page being served at `/about` on your instance. See the [custom pages documentation]( for full details, including how to return custom HTTP headers, redirects and status codes. (#648) [Configuration directory mode]( (#731) allows you to define a custom Datasette instance as a directory. So instead of running the following: $ datasette one.db two.db \ --metadata.json \ --template-dir=templates/ \ --plugins-dir=plugins \ --static css:css You can instead arrange your files in a single directory called `my-project` and run this: $ datasette my-project/ Also in this release: - New `NOT LIKE` table filter: `?colname__notlike=expression`. (#750) - Datasette now has a *pattern portfolio* at `/-/patterns` - e.g. <>. This is a page that shows every Datasette user interface component in one place, to aid core development and people building custom CSS themes. (#151) - SQLite [PRAGMA functions]( such as `pragma_table_info(tablename)` are now allowed in Datasette SQL queries. (#761) - Datasette pages now consistently return a `content-type` of `text/html; charset=utf-8"`. (#752) - Datasette now handles an ASGI `raw_path` value of `None`, which should allow compatibilty with the [Mangum]( adapter for running ASGI apps on AWS Lambda. Thanks, Colin Dellow. (#719) - Installation documentation now covers how to [Install using pipx]( (#756) - Improved the documentation for [F… 2020-05-06T18:30:03Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
256834907 2020-05-05 * Upload photos to S3 in a thread pool #11 * New `--dry-run` option to `upload` command * New `photos-to-sqlite apple-photos` command for importing Apple Photos metadata #1 * Apple Photos quality scores are imported into `apple_photos_scores` table #15 * Machine learning labels imported from Apple Photos into `labels` table #16 2020-05-05T20:17:00Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-05-03 * New `sqlite-utils create-table` command, see [Creating tables]( (#27) * New `sqlite-utils create-view` command, see [Creating views]( (#107) 2020-05-03T15:41:31Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
207052882 2020-05-02 * New command: `github-to-sqlite stargazers` ([docs]( for fetching all users who have starred the specified repositories. #4 * Added several views: [dependent_repos](, [repos_starred](, [recent_releases]( #10 #12 #36 * Added indexes on all foreign key relationships. #35 * GitHub API token can now be read from `GITHUB_TOKEN` environment variable. #33 2020-05-02T21:28:00Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-05-02 * `db.create_view(...)` now has additional parameters `ignore=True` or `replace=True`, see [Creating views]( (#106) 2020-05-02T16:10:11Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-05-01 * New `sqlite-utils views my.db` command for listing views in a database, see [Listing views]( (#105) * `sqlite-utils tables` (and `views`) has a new `--schema` option which outputs the table/view schema, see [Listing tables]( (#104) * Nested structures containing invalid JSON values (e.g. Python bytestrings) are now serialized using `repr()` instead of throwing an error. (#102) 2020-05-01T22:11:19Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
207052882 2020-04-30 * New `github-to-sqlite scrape-dependents` command for importing the dependent repositories for a repo. #34 2020-04-30T23:03:32Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-04-30 * New `columns=` argument for the `.insert()`, `.insert_all()`, `.upsert()` and `.upsert_all()` methods, for over-riding the auto-detected types for columns and specifying additional columns that should be added when the table is created. See [Custom column order and column types]( (#100) 2020-04-30T18:33:20Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
206156866 2020-04-30 * Fixed bug that occurred when the `since_ids` table had not yet been created. #46 2020-04-30T18:21:46Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite", "twitter", "twitter-api"]
256834907 2020-04-24 * Only upload photos not already in S3. #9 2020-04-24T00:44:21Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite"]
256834907 2020-04-24 * First alpha release 2020-04-24T00:40:57Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-04-22 * Datasette [Metadata]( can now be provided as a YAML file as an optional alternative to JSON. See [Using YAML for metadata]( (#713) * Removed support for `datasette publish now`, which used the the now-retired Zeit Now v1 hosting platform. A new plugin, [datasette-publish-now](, can be installed to publish data to Zeit ([now Vercel]( Now v2. (#710) * Fixed a bug where the `extra_template_vars(request, view_name)` plugin hook was not receiving the correct `view_name`. (#716) * Variables added to the template context by the `extra_template_vars()` plugin hook are now shown in the `?_context=1` debugging mode (see [template_debug]( (#693) * Fixed a bug where the “templates considered” HTML comment was no longer being displayed. (#689) * Fixed a `datasette publish` bug where `--plugin-secret` would over-ride plugin configuration in the provided `metadata.json` file. (#724) * Added a new CSS class for customizing the canned query page. (#727) 2020-04-22T04:06:51Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
207052882 2020-04-22 This release includes some backwards-incompatible schema changes: * The `milestone` and `assignee` columns on the `issues` table are now integers that are foreign keys to the `milestones` and `users` tables - previously they could be `text` columns instead. #30 * `milestones` now has an integer foreign key in the `creator` column, and a new `repo` column that is an integer foreign key to the `repos` table. #29 * The `repo` column in the `issues` table is now an integer foreign key to `repos`. Previously it was a string of the format `dogsheep/github-to-sqlite`. #31 2020-04-22T01:24:37Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
207052882 2020-04-18 * New `github-to-sqlite contributors` command for fetching contributors to one or more repositories. #28 * The [live demo]( now includes contributors, and pulls data from `simonw/datasette` and `simonw/sqlite-utils` in addition to the Dogsheep repositories. * The `organization` column in the `repos` table is now a foreign key to `users` as opposed to a big piece of JSON. #27 2020-04-18T15:09:55Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
206156866 2020-04-17 * New command: `twitter-to-sqlite lists username` fetches lists owned by the specified users. #43 * Handle tweets with a blank `source`. #44 * Fixed error with `twitter-to-sqlite user-timeline --sql=... --ids`. #42 * Better error messages for non-existing users. #37 2020-04-17T23:46:51Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite", "twitter", "twitter-api"]
207052882 2020-04-16 * Fixed bug where repository topics were not being correctly fetched #26 * Live demo at now uses [datasette-render-markdown]( and pulls in issue comments #25 2020-04-16T18:09:29Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "github-api", "sqlite"]
140912432 2020-04-16 * New `table.rows_where(..., order_by="age desc")` argument, see [Listing rows]( (#76) 2020-04-16T03:14:48Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
140912432 2020-04-13 * Panda’s Timestamp is now stored as a SQLite TEXT column. Thanks, b0b5h4rp13! (#96) * `table.last_pk` is now only available for inserts or upserts of a single record. (#98) * New `Database(filepath, recreate=True)` parameter for deleting and recreating the database. (#97) 2020-04-13T03:54:08Z ["cli", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "python", "sqlite", "sqlite-database"]
206156866 2020-04-01 * Buf fix: `since_id` table no longer records a record for `None`, `None`. #41 2020-04-01T04:33:35Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite", "twitter", "twitter-api"]
206156866 2020-04-01 * Reworked how `--since` works to fix a bug spotted in #39. The most recently seen tweet ID for various commands is now stored in a new `since_ids` table. * New feature: the friends, followers and listed counts for each user are now stored in a `count_history` table and updated any time we spot that the counts in that user's profile have changed. #40 2020-04-01T04:18:53Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "sqlite", "twitter", "twitter-api"]
205429375 2020-03-28 * Fixed bug with very old checkins that were missing their source - thanks, @mfa! #6 2020-03-28T02:30:10Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "foursquare", "foursquare-api", "sqlite", "swarm"]
205429375 2020-03-28 * Upgraded to sqlite-utils 2.x 2020-03-28T02:28:35Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "foursquare", "foursquare-api", "sqlite", "swarm"]
197882382 2020-03-28 * Upgraded to latest sqlite-utils 2020-03-28T01:55:19Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "healthkit", "sqlite"]
213286752 2020-03-27 * Defaults to only retrieving updated items, unless you use `--all`. #2 * Now displays a progress bar for initial data import and `--all`. * Data is now fetched 500 items at a time using API pagination. #1 * Now depends on `sqlite-utils 2.x`. * `auth.json` now uses `pocket_` prefix on each stored key. #4 2020-03-27T22:26:30Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "pocket", "pocket-api", "sqlite"]
107914493 2020-03-25 * New [base_url]( configuration setting for serving up the correct links while running Datasette under a different URL prefix. (#394) * New metadata settings `"sort"` and `"sort_desc"` for setting the default sort order for a table. See [Setting a default sort order]( (#702) * Sort direction arrow now displays by default on the primary key. This means you only have to click once (not twice) to sort in reverse order. (#677) * New `await Request(scope, receive).post_vars()` method for accessing POST form variables. (#700) * Plugin hooks documentation now links to example uses of each plugin. (#709) 2020-03-25T04:11:35Z ["asgi", "automatic-api", "csv", "datasets", "datasette", "datasette-io", "docker", "json", "python", "sql", "sqlite"]
206202864 2020-03-24 * Upgraded to `sqlite-utils` 2.x * First non-alpha release 2020-03-24T00:36:40Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "dogsheep", "inaturalist", "sqlite"]

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  substr(releases.published_at, 0, 11) as date,
  releases.body as body_markdown,
  coalesce(repos.topics, '[]') as topics
  join repos on = releases.repo
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