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5780 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} dogsheep-beta 197431109
5781 test.yml Test ["push"] dogsheep-beta 197431109
5782 test.yml Python package {"push": {"branches": ["master"]}, "pull_request": {"branches": ["master"]}} dogsheep-photos 256834907
5783 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} evernote-to-sqlite 303218369
5784 test.yml Test ["push"] evernote-to-sqlite 303218369
5785 deploy-demo.yml Build and deploy demo {"workflow_dispatch": null, "push": {"branches": ["main"]}, "schedule": [{"cron": "0 0 * * *"}]} github-to-sqlite 207052882
5786 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} github-to-sqlite 207052882
5787 readme-toc.yaml Update README table of contents {"workflow_dispatch": null, "push": {"branches": ["main"], "paths": ["README.md"]}} github-to-sqlite 207052882
5788 test.yml Test ["push"] github-to-sqlite 207052882
5789 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} hacker-news-to-sqlite 248903544
5790 test.yml Test ["push"] hacker-news-to-sqlite 248903544
5791 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} healthkit-to-sqlite 197882382
5792 test.yml Test ["push"] healthkit-to-sqlite 197882382
5793 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} swarm-to-sqlite 205429375
5794 test.yml Test ["push"] swarm-to-sqlite 205429375
5795 readme-toc.yml Update README table of contents {"push": {"branches": ["main", "master"], "paths": ["README.md"]}} twitter-to-sqlite 206156866
5796 deploy-latest.yml Deploy latest.datasette.io {"push": {"branches": ["main"]}} datasette 107914493
5797 mirror-master-and-main.yml Mirror "master" and "main" branches {"push": {"branches": ["master", "main"]}} datasette 107914493
5798 prettier.yml Check JavaScript for conformance with Prettier ["push"] datasette 107914493
5799 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} datasette 107914493
5800 push_docker_tag.yml Push specific Docker tag {"workflow_dispatch": {"inputs": {"version_tag": {"description": "Tag to build and push"}}}} datasette 107914493
5801 test-coverage.yml Calculate test coverage {"push": {"branches": ["main"]}, "pull_request": {"branches": ["main"]}} datasette 107914493
5802 test.yml Test ["push"] datasette 107914493
5803 tmate-mac.yml tmate session mac {"workflow_dispatch": null} datasette 107914493
5804 tmate.yml tmate session {"workflow_dispatch": null} datasette 107914493
5805 codeql-analysis.yml CodeQL {"push": {"branches": ["main"]}, "schedule": [{"cron": "0 4 * * 5"}]} sqlite-utils 140912432
5806 publish.yml Publish Python Package {"release": {"types": ["created"]}} sqlite-utils 140912432
5807 test-coverage.yml Calculate test coverage {"push": {"branches": ["main"]}, "pull_request": {"branches": ["main"]}} sqlite-utils 140912432
5808 test.yml Test ["push"] sqlite-utils 140912432

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