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267515678 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTU2Nzg= 3 Make individual column valuables addressable, with smart content types 9599 open 0     1 2017-10-23T01:11:32Z 2017-12-10T03:11:58Z   OWNER   Some SQLite databases embed images in columns. It would be cool if these had URLs. /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.json /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.png /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.gif /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.txt The one without an explicit file extension auto-detects the correct extension. 107914493 issue    

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