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267513424 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTM0MjQ= 1 Addressable pages for every row in a table simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 6 2017-10-23T00:44:16Z 2017-10-24T14:11:04Z 2017-10-24T14:11:03Z OWNER   /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk.json Tricky part will be figuring out what the private key is - especially since it could be a compound primary key and it might involve different data types. datasette 107914493 issue    
267513523 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTM1MjM= 2 Initial proof-of-concept simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-10-23T00:45:37Z 2017-10-23T01:26:39Z 2017-10-23T00:45:53Z OWNER   Implemented in https://github.com/simonw/stateless-datasets/commit/de04d7a854d71003ffcf98028eab976a936c2dba datasette 107914493 issue    
267515678 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTU2Nzg= 3 Make individual column valuables addressable, with smart content types simonw 9599 open 0     1 2017-10-23T01:11:32Z 2017-12-10T03:11:58Z   OWNER   Some SQLite databases embed images in columns. It would be cool if these had URLs. /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.json /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.png /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.gif /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk/column.txt The one without an explicit file extension auto-detects the correct extension. datasette 107914493 issue    
267515836 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTU4MzY= 4 Make URLs immutable simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 8 2017-10-23T01:13:30Z 2017-10-24T02:38:24Z 2017-10-24T02:38:24Z OWNER   Absolutely everything should have a far-future expires header Part of the URL will be the truncated sha1 hash of the database file itself, calculated at build time datasette 107914493 issue    
267516066 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTYwNjY= 5 Implement sensible query pagination simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 3 2017-10-23T01:16:00Z 2017-11-10T20:41:39Z 2017-11-10T20:41:39Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
267516329 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTYzMjk= 6 Better JSON response options simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-10-23T01:18:47Z 2017-10-24T15:07:58Z 2017-10-24T15:07:58Z OWNER   Default returns this: { “Columns”: [“id”, “name”, “age”], “Rows”: [ [45, “Simon”, 36] ] } .jsono instead returns a list of objects each duplicating the headers in its keys. They both probably share the same pagination mechanism so it might not be a jsono flat list. datasette 107914493 issue    
267516650 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTY2NTA= 7 Framework where by every page is JSON plus a template simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-23T01:22:03Z 2017-10-24T02:27:25Z 2017-10-24T02:27:25Z OWNER   Every single page of my interface should be implemented as a function that returns JSON. I can then build my jinja templates on top of the exact data that would be returned by the API version. datasette 107914493 issue    
267517314 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTczMTQ= 8 Attempting an INSERT or UPDATE should return a sane error message simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-23T01:28:25Z 2017-10-23T15:28:12Z 2017-10-23T15:28:08Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
267517348 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTczNDg= 9 Initial test suite simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 2 2017-10-23T01:28:46Z 2017-10-24T05:55:33Z 2017-10-24T05:55:33Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
267517381 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MTczODE= 10 Set up Travis simonw 9599 closed 0   v1 stretch goals 2859414 1 2017-10-23T01:29:07Z 2017-11-04T23:48:57Z 2017-11-04T23:48:57Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
267522549 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MjI1NDk= 11 Code that generates compile-time properties about the database simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-23T02:18:24Z 2017-10-23T16:04:23Z 2017-10-23T16:04:23Z OWNER   At a minimum this will include: * sha hash of each database file * list of tables with row counts for each database file datasette 107914493 issue    
267523511 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1MjM1MTE= 12 Make it so you can override templates simonw 9599 closed 0   Custom templates edition 2949431 1 2017-10-23T02:25:35Z 2017-11-30T16:42:46Z 2017-11-30T16:38:34Z OWNER   The app will ship with default templates but, just like with the Django admin, you will be able to override them using either explicit configuration settings or just by dropping in templates with certain file names. Template inheritance should work here, both allowing you to override just the base template and allowing you to customize tiny bits of others. datasette 107914493 issue    
267542338 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc1NDIzMzg= 13 Add a syntax highlighting SQL editor simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-10-23T05:03:33Z 2017-11-15T02:04:51Z 2017-11-15T02:04:51Z OWNER   https://ace.c9.io/#nav=embedding looks like a good option datasette 107914493 issue    
267707940 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3MDc5NDA= 14 Datasette Plugins simonw 9599 closed 0     22 2017-10-23T15:15:28Z 2019-05-13T18:58:20Z 2019-05-13T18:58:19Z OWNER   It would be neat if additional functionality could be opted-in to the system in the form of easy-to-add plugins, hosted as separate packages. First example: a Google Analytics plugin, which adds GA tracking code with your tracking ID to the web interface for your dataset. This may be an opportunity to experiment with entry points: http://amir.rachum.com/blog/2017/07/28/python-entry-points/ datasette 107914493 issue    
267713226 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3MTMyMjY= 15 Support multiple databases simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-10-23T15:29:51Z 2017-10-24T02:01:38Z 2017-10-24T02:01:38Z OWNER   I'm going to loop through every database file in the app root directory and bundle all of them. Each one will be accessible at /databasename Note this is without the file extension, and we will disallow multiple files with the same name but different extensions. Supported extensions to start with will be `.db` and `.sqlite` and `.sqlite3` datasette 107914493 issue    
267726219 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3MjYyMTk= 16 Default HTML/CSS needs to look reasonable and be responsive simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 6 2017-10-23T16:05:22Z 2017-11-11T20:19:07Z 2017-11-11T20:19:07Z OWNER   Version one should have the following characteristics: - Looks OK - Works great on mobile - Loads extremely fast - No JavaScript! At least not in v1. datasette 107914493 issue    
267732005 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3MzIwMDU= 17 In development mode, should still pick up new .db files simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-23T16:22:40Z 2017-10-24T02:26:48Z 2017-10-24T02:26:47Z OWNER   Follow on from #11 datasette 107914493 issue    
267739593 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3Mzk1OTM= 18 See if I can get a websockets interface working simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-10-23T16:46:41Z 2021-01-04T20:05:52Z 2021-01-04T20:05:48Z OWNER   Since I am already running on Sanic, how hard would it be to add a websocket ebdpoint that lets you talk to sqlite interactively? Could this be used to efficiently support streaming in answers to giant queries? datasette 107914493 issue    
267741262 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3NDEyNjI= 19 Efficient url for downloading the raw database file simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-23T16:52:17Z 2017-10-25T15:21:16Z 2017-10-25T15:19:37Z OWNER   Use Sanic support for steaming large files http://sanic.readthedocs.io/en/latest/sanic/response.html#file-streaming datasette 107914493 issue    
267759136 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3NTkxMzY= 20 Config file with support for defining canned queries simonw 9599 closed 0 simonw 9599 Custom templates edition 2949431 9 2017-10-23T17:53:06Z 2017-12-05T19:05:35Z 2017-12-05T17:44:09Z OWNER   Probably using YAML because then we get support for multiline strings: bats: db: bats.sqlite3 name: "Bat sightings" queries: specific_row: | select * from Bats where a = 1; datasette 107914493 issue    
267769034 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3NjkwMzQ= 21 Use Sanic configuration mechanism simonw 9599 closed 0   v1 stretch goals 2859414 1 2017-10-23T18:25:14Z 2017-11-10T20:45:42Z 2017-11-10T20:45:42Z OWNER   http://sanic.readthedocs.io/en/latest/sanic/config.html datasette 107914493 issue    
267769431 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3Njk0MzE= 22 Refactor to use class based views simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-10-23T18:26:22Z 2019-05-27T20:05:56Z 2017-10-24T02:25:53Z OWNER   http://sanic.readthedocs.io/en/latest/sanic/class_based_views.html datasette 107914493 issue    
267788884 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc3ODg4ODQ= 23 Support Django-style filters in querystring arguments simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 6 2017-10-23T19:29:42Z 2017-10-25T04:23:03Z 2017-10-25T04:23:02Z OWNER   e.g /database/table?name__contains=Simon&age__gte=4 Same format as Django: double underscore as the split. If you need to match against a column that happens to contain a double underscore in its official name, do this: /database/table?weird__column__exact=Simon __exact is the default operation if none is supplied. datasette 107914493 issue    
267828746 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc4Mjg3NDY= 24 Implement full URL design simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 2 2017-10-23T21:49:05Z 2017-10-24T14:12:00Z 2017-10-24T14:12:00Z OWNER   Full URL design: /database-name /database-name.json /database-name-7sha256 /database-name-7sha256.json /database-name/table-name /database-name/table-name.json /database-name-7sha256/table-name /database-name-7sha256/table-name.json /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk /database-name-7sha256/table-name/compound-pk.json datasette 107914493 issue    
267857622 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc4NTc2MjI= 25 Endpoint that returns SQL ready to be piped into DB simonw 9599 closed 0     2 2017-10-24T00:19:26Z 2017-11-15T05:11:12Z 2017-11-15T05:11:11Z OWNER   It would be cool if I could figure out a way to generate both the create table statements and the inserts for an individual table or the entire database and then stream them down to the client. datasette 107914493 issue    
267861210 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc4NjEyMTA= 26 Command line tool for uploading one or more DBs to Now simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 3 2017-10-24T00:43:10Z 2017-11-11T07:25:30Z 2017-11-11T07:25:30Z OWNER   Uploading files appears to be undocumented, but I found it in their code here: https://github.com/zeit/now-cli/blob/0ca7d1fe44ebdf460b64fdc38ba543b8e295ac40/src/providers/sh/util/index.js#L291 datasette 107914493 issue    
267886330 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc4ODYzMzA= 27 Ability to plot a simple graph simonw 9599 closed 0     3 2017-10-24T03:34:59Z 2018-07-10T17:52:41Z 2018-07-10T17:52:41Z OWNER   Might be as simple as: pick he type of chart (bar, line) and then pick the column for the X axis and the column for the Y axis. Maybe also allow a pie chart. It’s up to the user to come up with SQL that gets the right values. datasette 107914493 issue    
267886865 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc4ODY4NjU= 28 /database?sql= should redirect correctly simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-10-24T03:38:44Z 2017-10-24T23:54:30Z 2017-10-24T23:54:30Z OWNER   Needs to redirect to the location with the hash while retaining the query string. This should also work with the .json extension. datasette 107914493 issue    
268050821 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgwNTA4MjE= 29 Handle bytestring records encoding to JSON simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-24T14:18:45Z 2017-10-24T14:59:00Z 2017-10-24T14:58:47Z OWNER   http://localhost:8006/northwind-40d049b/Categories.json 500s right now The string representation of one of the values looks like this: b"\x15\x1c/\x00\x02\x00 This is a bytestring from the database which cannot be naively converted to a unicode string. datasette 107914493 issue    
268078453 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgwNzg0NTM= 30 Do something neat with foreign keys simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-10-24T15:29:29Z 2017-11-14T18:29:08Z 2017-11-14T18:29:01Z OWNER   https://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_foreign_key_list SQLite has robust support for introspecting foreign keys. I could use that to automatically link to the corresponding record from my tables. datasette 107914493 issue    
268087542 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgwODc1NDI= 31 Idea: colour scheme based on sha256 of db simonw 9599 closed 0   v1 stretch goals 2859414 1 2017-10-24T15:52:38Z 2018-05-28T18:10:45Z 2017-11-09T14:14:59Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
268106803 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgxMDY4MDM= 32 Try running SQLite queries in a separate thread simonw 9599 closed 0   v1 stretch goals 2859414 1 2017-10-24T16:48:42Z 2017-11-09T14:05:56Z 2017-11-09T14:05:56Z OWNER   https://pymotw.com/3/asyncio/executors.html Would be good to have some actual benchmarks so I can evaluate if this is worth it or not. datasette 107914493 issue    
268110769 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgxMTA3Njk= 33 Use locust for benchmarking and load tests simonw 9599 open 0     0 2017-10-24T17:00:09Z 2017-12-10T03:12:16Z   OWNER   https://github.com/locustio/locust Needed for #32 datasette 107914493 issue    
268176505 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgxNzY1MDU= 34 Support CSV export with a .csv extension simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-10-24T20:34:43Z 2021-06-17T18:14:48Z 2018-05-28T20:45:34Z OWNER   Maybe do this using streaming with multiple pagination SQL queries so we can support arbritrarily large exports. How would this work against a view which doesn’t have an obvious efficient pagination mechanism? Maybe limit views to up to 1000 exported records? Relates to #5 datasette 107914493 issue    
268262480 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjgyNjI0ODA= 36 date, year, month and day querystring lookups simonw 9599 closed 0     3 2017-10-25T04:23:45Z 2018-05-28T17:30:53Z 2018-05-28T17:30:53Z OWNER   - [ ] `?timestamp___date=2017-07-17` - return every item where the timestamp falls on that date - [ ] `?timestamp___year=2017` - return every item where the timestamp falls within 2017 - [ ] `?timestamp___month=1` - return every item where the month component is January - [ ] `?timestamp___day=10` - return every item where the day-of-the-month component is 10 Follow on from #23 datasette 107914493 issue    
268453968 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg0NTM5Njg= 37 Ability to serialize massive JSON without blocking event loop simonw 9599 closed 0     2 2017-10-25T15:58:03Z 2020-05-30T17:29:20Z 2020-05-30T17:29:20Z OWNER   We run the risk of someone attempting a select statement that returns thousands of rows and hence takes several seconds just to JSON encode the response, effectively blocking the event loop and pausing all other traffic. The Twisted community have a solution for this, can we adapt that in some way? http://as.ynchrono.us/2010/06/asynchronous-json_18.html?m=1 datasette 107914493 issue    
268462768 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg0NjI3Njg= 38 Experiment with patterns for concurrent long running queries simonw 9599 closed 0     5 2017-10-25T16:23:42Z 2018-05-28T20:47:31Z 2018-05-28T20:47:31Z OWNER   I want to understand how the system could perform under load with many concurrent long-running queries. Can we serve these without blocking the event loop? datasette 107914493 issue    
268469569 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg0Njk1Njk= 39 Protect against malicious SQL that causes damage even though our DB is immutable simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 4 2017-10-25T16:44:27Z 2017-11-05T02:53:47Z 2017-11-05T02:53:47Z OWNER   I’m currently operating under the assumption that it’s age to allow arbitrary SQL statements because we are dealing with an immutable database. But this might not be the case - there are some pretty weird SQLite language extensions (ATTACH, PRAGMA etc) and I’m not certain they cannot be used to break things in a way that would affect future requests to the API. Solution: provide a “safe mode” option which disables the ?sql= mechanism. This still leaves the URL filter lookups, so I need to make sure that those are “safe”. In the future I may also implement a whitelist option where datasets can be configured to only allow specific filters againstvsoecific columns. datasette 107914493 issue    
268470572 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg0NzA1NzI= 40 Implement command-line tool interface simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 11 2017-10-25T16:47:15Z 2017-11-11T07:27:33Z 2017-11-11T07:27:33Z OWNER   The first version needs to take one or more file names or URLs, then generate and deploy an app to Now. It will assume you already have the now command installed and configured. datasette 107914493 issue    
268590777 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg1OTA3Nzc= 41 Homepage should show summary of databases simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-10-26T00:18:11Z 2017-10-27T04:05:35Z 2017-10-27T04:05:35Z OWNER   I sch database should have a name, optional description, download link and a summary of the tables Flights.db Flights and suchlike blah. URL? License? 577373 rows across 14 tables airports, routes, airlines... Title of the homepage is derived from the databases or can be manually overridden e. “Datasets of Flights, NHS, Blah...” - or if only one database just the title of that. datasette 107914493 issue    
268591332 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg1OTEzMzI= 42 Homepage UI for editing metadata file simonw 9599 closed 0     4 2017-10-26T00:22:03Z 2017-12-10T03:02:14Z 2017-12-10T03:02:14Z OWNER   Since we are going to have a metadata file which sets the title/description/etc for each database, why not allow you to run the app in —dev mode which makes the homepage into a WYSIWYG editor that can save to that file format. datasette 107914493 issue    
268592894 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjg1OTI4OTQ= 43 While running, server should spot new db files added to its directory simonw 9599 closed 0   v1 stretch goals 2859414 1 2017-10-26T00:32:37Z 2017-11-14T08:25:53Z 2017-11-14T08:25:37Z OWNER   Maybe in each request it checks the time and if 5s has elapsed since t last scanned the directory it scans it again This would allow people with dedicated hosting to run the app there and just upload new datasets whenever they want. It would also be very convenient for development. datasette 107914493 issue    
269731374 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjk3MzEzNzQ= 44 ?_group_count=country - return counts by specific column(s) simonw 9599 closed 0     7 2017-10-30T19:50:32Z 2018-04-26T15:09:58Z 2018-04-26T15:09:58Z OWNER   Imagine if this: https://stateless-datasets-jykibytogk.now.sh/flights-07d1283/airports.jsono?country__contains=gu&_group_count=country Turned into this: https://stateless-datasets-jykibytogk.now.sh/flights-07d1283?sql=select%20country,%20count(*)%20as%20group_count_country%20from%20airports%20where%20country%20like%20%27%gu%%27%20group%20by%20country%20order%20by%20group_count_country%20desc This would involve introducing a new precedent of query string arguments that start with an _ having special meanings. While we're at it, could try adding _fields=x,y,z Tasks: - [x] Get initial version working - [ ] Refactor code to not just "pretend to be a view" - [ ] Get foreign key relationships expanded datasette 107914493 issue    
271242824 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzEyNDI4MjQ= 45 Run SQLite operations in a thread pool simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-05T02:27:12Z 2017-11-05T02:27:34Z 2017-11-05T02:27:33Z OWNER   Let's run SQLite operations in threads, so we don't end up blocking our core event loop. These articles are helpful: * https://pymotw.com/3/asyncio/executors.html * https://marlinux.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/python-3-6-asyncio-sqlalchemy/ datasette 107914493 issue    
271301468 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzEzMDE0Njg= 46 Dockerfile should build more recent SQLite with FTS5 and spatialite support simonw 9599 closed 0     13 2017-11-05T18:16:22Z 2017-11-17T14:32:12Z 2017-11-17T14:32:12Z OWNER   The SQLite bundled with Python 3 doesn't support the FTS5 search extension. It would be nice if the SQLite built by our Dockerfile could support as many modern SQLite features as possible. https://web.archive.org/web/20170212034155/http://charlesleifer.com/blog/using-the-sqlite-json1-and-fts5-extensions-with-python/ has instructions on building a more recent SQLite and the pysqlite package. Our Dockerfile could carry out an updated version of this process. datasette 107914493 issue    
271831408 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzE4MzE0MDg= 47 Create neat example database simonw 9599 closed 0     5 2017-11-07T13:29:38Z 2017-11-14T03:08:13Z 2017-11-14T03:08:13Z OWNER   How about data from open elections eg https://github.com/openelections/openelections-data-ca?files=1 datasette 107914493 issue    
272391665 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzIzOTE2NjU= 48 Switch to ujson simonw 9599 closed 0     4 2017-11-08T23:50:29Z 2019-06-24T06:57:54Z 2019-06-24T06:57:43Z OWNER   ujson is already a dependency of Sanic, and should be quite a bit faster. datasette 107914493 issue    
272661336 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzI2NjEzMzY= 49 Pick a name simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 4 2017-11-09T17:56:17Z 2017-11-10T18:33:22Z 2017-11-10T18:33:22Z OWNER   Options so far: * immutabase * datasite * sqlstatic * dbserve * sqlserve Terms to play with: * immutable * sqlite * dataset * json * static * serve datasette 107914493 issue    
272694136 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzI2OTQxMzY= 50 Unit tests against application itself simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 2 2017-11-09T19:31:49Z 2017-11-11T22:23:22Z 2017-11-11T22:23:22Z OWNER   Use Sanic’s testing mechanism. Test should create a temporary SQLite database file on disk by executing sql that is stored in the test themselves. For the moment we can just test the JSON API more thoroughly and just sanity check that the HTML output doesn’t throw any errors. datasette 107914493 issue    
272735257 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzI3MzUyNTc= 51 Make a proper README simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-09T21:46:07Z 2017-11-13T18:44:23Z 2017-11-13T18:44:23Z OWNER   Include instructions on building a local Docker container - currently detailed here: https://gist.github.com/simonw/0ea5c960608c2d876e4637a5e48aa95d (those instructions don't work now that we have removed the Dockerfile in favour of a template generated by `datasette publish`) datasette 107914493 issue    
273026602 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMwMjY2MDI= 52 Solution for temporarily uploading DB so it can be built by docker simonw 9599 closed 0     2 2017-11-10T18:55:25Z 2017-12-10T03:02:57Z 2017-12-10T03:02:57Z OWNER   For the `datasette publish` command I ideally need a way of uploading the specified DB to somewhere temporary on the internet so that when the Dockerfile is built by the final hosting location it can download that database as part of the build process. datasette 107914493 issue    
273054652 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMwNTQ2NTI= 53 Implement a better database index page simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 3 2017-11-10T20:47:36Z 2017-11-12T21:19:33Z 2017-11-12T01:50:27Z OWNER   This view isn't great. I should do a better job of separating out tables from views and indexes, showing the count of rows in each table, and maybe move the SQL to the individual table pages. <img width="871" alt="flights" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/9599/32423242-1b4458ce-c25a-11e7-910f-2dc1de909b8f.png"> datasette 107914493 issue    
273121803 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxMjE4MDM= 54 Views should not attempt to link to records / use rowids simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-11T05:44:54Z 2017-11-12T21:29:42Z 2017-11-12T21:29:33Z OWNER   http://localhost:8001/parlgov-development-25f9855/view_variable <img width="837" alt="parlgov-development__view_variable" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/9599/32686757-5b40f6a8-c660-11e7-88de-5e8dfb12ccf1.png"> datasette 107914493 issue    
273127117 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxMjcxMTc= 55 Ship first version to PyPI simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 2 2017-11-11T07:38:48Z 2017-11-13T21:19:43Z 2017-11-13T21:19:43Z OWNER   Just before doing this, update the Dockerfile template to `pip install datasette` https://github.com/simonw/datasette/blob/65e350ca2a4845c25752a62c16ba58cfe2c14b9b/datasette/utils.py#L125 datasette 107914493 issue    
273127443 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxMjc0NDM= 56 Easy way to block search engine crawling in robots.txt simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-11-11T07:46:07Z 2018-05-28T20:50:25Z 2018-05-28T20:50:24Z OWNER   For people who don't want their datasets to be crawled by search engines. datasette 107914493 issue    
273127694 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxMjc2OTQ= 57 Ship a Docker image of the whole thing simonw 9599 closed 0     7 2017-11-11T07:51:28Z 2018-06-28T04:01:51Z 2018-06-28T04:01:38Z OWNER   The generated Docker images can then just inherit from that. This will speed up deploys as no need to `pip install` anything. - [x] Ship that image to Docker Hub - [ ] Update the generated Dockerfile to use it datasette 107914493 issue    
273128608 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxMjg2MDg= 58 publish command should detect if "now" is installed simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-11T08:10:17Z 2017-11-11T16:00:07Z 2017-11-11T16:00:07Z OWNER   If now is not installed, it should tell you where to get it. datasette 107914493 issue    
273157085 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxNTcwODU= 59 datasette publish hyper simonw 9599 closed 0     4 2017-11-11T16:27:26Z 2019-05-13T19:01:00Z 2019-05-13T19:00:44Z OWNER   This is a bit tricky, because unlike Now there doesn't seem to be a way to tell Hyper to "build this Dockerfile and deploy the resulting image". They expect you to build a container and publish it to a registry instead. https://docs.hyper.sh/Reference/CLI/load.html allows you to publish an image directly from a tarball, but that still leaves the challenge of creating that image. The nice thing about the Now integration is that you don't need to have Docker installed on your local machine. datasette 107914493 issue    
273163905 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxNjM5MDU= 60 Rethink how metadata is generated and stored simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-11T18:01:28Z 2017-11-11T20:12:17Z 2017-11-11T20:12:16Z OWNER   I broke the existing mechanism in 407795b61217205625f2d4e084afbf69f1db781b In order to get unit tests for the sanic app working. I think i should ditch the build-metadata.json cache file entirely and calculate the SHA hashes on startup. Not sure what to do about the table row counts. datasette 107914493 issue    
273173116 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxNzMxMTY= 61 Common header and footer simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-11T20:20:08Z 2017-11-11T20:37:19Z 2017-11-11T20:37:19Z OWNER   Split from #16 - [x] A link to the homepage from some kind of navigation bar in the header - [x] link to github.com/simonw/datasette in the footer - [x] Slightly better titles (maybe ditch the visited link colours for titles only? should keep those for primary key links) datasette 107914493 issue    
273174397 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxNzQzOTc= 62 Link to .json and .jsono versions on various pages simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-11T20:37:47Z 2017-11-11T22:41:06Z 2017-11-11T22:41:06Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273174447 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxNzQ0NDc= 63 Review design of JSON output simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-11T20:38:33Z 2017-11-11T22:20:17Z 2017-11-11T22:20:17Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273181020 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxODEwMjA= 64 Support for ?field__isnull=1 or similar simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-11-11T22:26:52Z 2017-11-17T14:38:21Z 2017-11-17T14:38:21Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273191608 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxOTE2MDg= 65 Re-implement ?sql= mode simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-12T01:47:17Z 2017-11-12T02:36:37Z 2017-11-12T02:35:42Z OWNER   Here's the code I removed: async def data(self, request, name, hash): sql = 'select * from sqlite_master' custom_sql = False params = {} if request.args.get('sql'): params = request.raw_args sql = params.pop('sql') validate_sql_select(sql) custom_sql = True rows = await self.execute(name, sql, params) columns = [r[0] for r in rows.description] return { 'database': name, 'rows': rows, 'columns': columns, 'query': { 'sql': sql, 'params': params, } }, { 'database_hash': hash, 'custom_sql': custom_sql, } datasette 107914493 issue    
273191806 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxOTE4MDY= 66 Show table SQL on table page simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-12T01:51:23Z 2017-11-12T21:17:29Z 2017-11-12T21:17:29Z OWNER   Let's do the SQL for the table you are looking at, plus SQL for any indexes that mention that table. The page for a view should show the SQL for that view. datasette 107914493 issue    
273192789 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMxOTI3ODk= 67 Command that builds a local docker container simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 2 2017-11-12T02:13:29Z 2017-11-13T16:17:52Z 2017-11-13T16:17:52Z OWNER   Be nice to indicate that this isn't just for Now. Shouldn't be too hard either. datasette 107914493 issue    
273247186 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyNDcxODY= 68 Support for title/source/license metadata simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 4 2017-11-12T17:04:21Z 2017-12-04T04:55:43Z 2017-11-13T15:26:11Z OWNER   I've decided this is important for launch: I want to set a precedent for people citing, licensing and documenting their datasets. Not sure how best to go about supporting this. I'd like to allow for the following data to be optionally attached to any given database: - Title - Description, potentially in markdown? - Original source URL - License I'd also like the ability to attach descriptions to individual tables - and maybe even to table columns? The question then becomes: how should this information be stored. A few options: - In the SQLite database itself, in a specially named table. Problem here is that this means having to modify SQLite databases before publishing them. - In a separate SQLite database that can be published alongside the databases we are publishing. - In a JSON file. This is neat, but JSON files are not a great editing experience once you start including multiple lines (e.g. a markdown description). - In a YAML file. This is a better format for multi-line descriptions, but still isn't a great editing experience. Whatever the format, it can be made much more usable by offering a web-based editing UI for populating it (a special mode the server can be run in). datasette 107914493 issue    
273248366 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyNDgzNjY= 69 Enforce pagination (or at least limits) for arbitrary custom SQL simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 4 2017-11-12T17:21:33Z 2017-11-13T20:32:47Z 2017-11-13T19:35:47Z OWNER   It's way too easy to accidentally trigger a page that returns 100,000 rows at the moment. I need to use the LIMIT clause on views and custom SQL - I can support pagination "next" links using offset as well. datasette 107914493 issue    
273267081 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyNjcwODE= 70 Paginate views using OFFSET/LIMIT simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-12T21:30:29Z 2017-11-13T21:11:01Z 2017-11-13T21:11:01Z OWNER   As with #69 these should obey a maximum offset setting, which can be over-ridden. datasette 107914493 issue    
273278840 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyNzg4NDA= 71 Set up some example datasets on a Cloudflare-backed domain simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 10 2017-11-13T00:06:30Z 2017-11-13T02:09:34Z 2017-11-13T02:09:34Z OWNER   To better demonstrate the caching and HTTP/2 features, I'd like to go live with some demos that are hosted behind Cloudflare. - [x] Redirect https://datasettes.com/ and https://www.datasettes.com/ to https://github.com/simonw/datasette - [x] Have `now domain add -e datasettes.com` run without errors (hopefully just a matter of waiting for the DNS to update) - [x] Alias an example dataset hosted on Now on a datasettes.com subdomain - [x] Confirm that HTTP caching and HTTP/2 redirect pushing works as expected - this may require another page rule datasette 107914493 issue    
273283166 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyODMxNjY= 72 publish command should take an optional --name argument simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-13T00:59:35Z 2017-11-13T02:12:27Z 2017-11-13T02:12:27Z OWNER   To set the directory name so that now will inherit it as the name of the app. Defaults to datasette datasette 107914493 issue    
273296178 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyOTYxNzg= 73 _nocache=1 query string option for use with sort-by-random simonw 9599 closed 0     2 2017-11-13T02:57:10Z 2018-05-28T17:25:15Z 2018-05-28T17:25:15Z OWNER   The one place where we wouldn’t want cdching is if we have something which uses sort by random to return random items. We can offer a _nocache=1 querystring argument to support this. datasette 107914493 issue    
273296684 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzMyOTY2ODQ= 74 Send a 302 redirect to the new hash for hits to old hashes simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-13T03:00:59Z 2017-11-13T18:49:59Z 2017-11-13T18:49:59Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273509159 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1MDkxNTk= 75 Add --cors argument to serve simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-13T17:16:19Z 2017-11-13T18:17:52Z 2017-11-13T18:17:52Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273510781 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1MTA3ODE= 76 publish should have required argument specifying publisher simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-13T17:21:26Z 2017-11-13T18:41:01Z 2017-11-13T18:41:01Z OWNER   Initially the only argument will be “now” - but “hyper” can be added in the future datasette 107914493 issue    
273537940 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1Mzc5NDA= 77 Add Travis CI badge to README simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-13T18:52:25Z 2017-11-13T21:24:15Z 2017-11-13T21:24:15Z OWNER   Also fix this newline issue: <img width="647" alt="simonw_datasette__instant_json_api_for_your_sqlite_database" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/9599/32743234-ae81b224-c860-11e7-98a9-980b7b448ffc.png"> datasette 107914493 issue    
273554949 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1NTQ5NDk= 78 Rename after to next and provide a next_url simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 0 2017-11-13T19:48:31Z 2017-11-13T20:35:03Z 2017-11-13T20:35:03Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273569068 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1NjkwNjg= 79 Add more detailed API documentation to the README simonw 9599 closed 0     3 2017-11-13T20:36:21Z 2018-05-28T17:24:48Z 2018-05-28T17:24:48Z OWNER   Need to document: - [ ] The ?column__gt=4 style filter arguments for tables - [ ] The ?sql= API, and how named parameters work - [ ] How API pagination works - [ ] How redirects and cache headers work datasette 107914493 issue    
273569477 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1Njk0Nzc= 80 Deploy final versions of fivethirtyeight and parlgov datasets (with view pagination) simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 2 2017-11-13T20:37:46Z 2017-11-13T22:09:46Z 2017-11-13T22:09:46Z OWNER   Final versions should be deployed using the first released version of datasette. datasette 107914493 issue    
273595473 MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0MTUyMzYwNzQw 81 :fire: Removes DS_Store jefftriplett 50527 closed 0     2 2017-11-13T22:07:52Z 2017-11-14T02:24:54Z 2017-11-13T22:16:55Z CONTRIBUTOR simonw/datasette/pulls/81   datasette 107914493 pull    
273596159 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM1OTYxNTk= 82 Post a blog entry announcing it to the world simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 1 2017-11-13T22:10:35Z 2017-11-14T01:46:10Z 2017-11-14T01:46:10Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
273626815 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM2MjY4MTU= 83 Individual row view is broken simonw 9599 closed 0     0 2017-11-14T00:29:11Z 2017-11-14T00:45:34Z 2017-11-14T00:45:34Z OWNER   https://parlgov.datasettes.com/parlgov-25f9855/viewcalc_parliament_composition/18 <img width="822" alt="cursor_and_localhost_8002_parlgov-25f9855_viewcalc_parliament_composition_18" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/9599/32756593-c439c71c-c88f-11e7-9243-b6e1b778c8fa.png"> datasette 107914493 issue    
273660425 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM2NjA0MjU= 84 datasette package --metadata does not work with a relative path simonw 9599 closed 0     0 2017-11-14T04:00:50Z 2017-11-15T05:18:35Z 2017-11-15T05:18:35Z OWNER   $ datasette package ~/parlgov-db/parlgov.db --metadata=~/parlgov-db/parlgov.json Usage: datasette package [OPTIONS] FILES... Error: Invalid value for "-m" / "--metadata": Could not open file: ~/parlgov-db/parlgov.json: No such file or directory simonw-07542:~ simonw$ cd ~/parlgov-db/ simonw-07542:parlgov-db simonw$ datasette package ~/parlgov-db/parlgov.db --metadata=parlgov.json Sending build context to Docker daemon 4.46MB Step 1/7 : FROM python:3 datasette 107914493 issue    
273678673 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM2Nzg2NzM= 85 Detect foreign keys and use them to link HTML pages together simonw 9599 closed 0   Foreign key edition 2919870 6 2017-11-14T06:12:05Z 2017-11-19T06:08:19Z 2017-11-19T06:08:19Z OWNER   https://stackoverflow.com/a/44430157/6083 documents the PRAGMA needed to extract foreign key references for a table. At a minimum we can link column values known to be foreign keys to the corresponding row page. We could try to summarize the linked row in some way too - somehow extracting a sensible link title, maybe based on additional configuration in the metadata.json file. Still todo: - [x] Fix it to csvs-to-sqlite refactoring command correctly creates primary key on generated tables - [x] Ship new csvs-to-sqlite with refactoring command - [x] Refactor column logic to be more predictable in our templates (the rowid special case) - [x] Mechanism by which table metadata can specify the "label" column for a table - [x] Automatically set the label column as the first column that isn't a primary key (falling back on primary key) - [x] Code which runs a "select id, label from table where id in (...)" query as part of the tableview and populates a lookup dictionary - [x] Modify templates to use values from that lookup dictionary datasette 107914493 issue    
273703829 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM3MDM4Mjk= 86 Filter UI on table page simonw 9599 closed 0   Foreign key edition 2919870 10 2017-11-14T08:22:43Z 2017-11-23T20:34:32Z 2017-11-23T20:34:32Z OWNER   A UI for building up simple table queries by adding additional filter rules that get executed as query parameters in the URL. datasette 107914493 issue    
273709194 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM3MDkxOTQ= 87 Configure Travis to release new tags to PyPI simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-11-14T08:44:08Z 2018-07-10T17:49:13Z 2018-07-10T17:49:12Z OWNER   https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/deployment/pypi/ datasette 107914493 issue    
273775212 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM3NzUyMTI= 88 Add NHS England Hospitals example to wiki tomdyson 15543 closed 0     4 2017-11-14T12:29:10Z 2021-03-22T23:46:36Z 2017-11-14T22:54:06Z CONTRIBUTOR   https://nhs-england-hospitals.now.sh and an associated map visualisation: http://run.plnkr.co/preview/cj9zlf1qc0003414y90ajkwpk/ Datasette is wonderful! datasette 107914493 issue    
273816720 MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0MTUyNTIyNzYy 89 SQL syntax highlighting with CodeMirror tomdyson 15543 closed 0     1 2017-11-14T14:43:33Z 2017-11-15T02:03:01Z 2017-11-15T02:03:01Z CONTRIBUTOR simonw/datasette/pulls/89 Addresses #13 Future enhancements could include autocompletion of table and column names, e.g. with ```javascript extraKeys: {"Ctrl-Space": "autocomplete"}, hintOptions: {tables: { users: ["name", "score", "birthDate"], countries: ["name", "population", "size"] }} ``` (see https://codemirror.net/doc/manual.html#addon_sql-hint and source at http://codemirror.net/mode/sql/) datasette 107914493 pull    
273846123 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM4NDYxMjM= 90 datasette publish heroku simonw 9599 closed 0     8 2017-11-14T16:01:39Z 2017-12-10T03:06:34Z 2017-12-10T03:05:48Z OWNER   Heroku has Docker container support so this should not be too hard: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/container-registry-and-runtime See also #59 This should work exactly like the existing “datasette publish now....” command except it would be “datasette publish heroku...” datasette 107914493 issue    
273878873 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM4Nzg4NzM= 91 Option to serve databases from a different prefix, serve regular content elsewhere simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-11-14T17:32:46Z 2017-12-10T03:07:58Z 2017-12-10T03:07:53Z OWNER   It would be useful if the databases themselves could be served from a prefix e.g. datasette serve mydb.db --path-prefix=db Now my database is at `http://localhost:8001/db/mydb-23423` This would free up the rest of the URL namespace for other things. Maybe we could have an option to serve static content from a known folder e.g. datasette serve mydb.db --path-prefix=db --root-content=~/my-project/static Now a hit to `http://localhost:8001/news/` serves content from `~/my-project/static/news/index.html` This would make it trivial to package up entire HTML/CSS/JS apps with one or more underlying SQLite databases. Running without `--cors` would be fine here because any JS apps would be hosted on the same origin. datasette 107914493 issue    
273895344 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM4OTUzNDQ= 92 Add --license --license_url --source --source_url --title arguments to datasette publish simonw 9599 closed 0     0 2017-11-14T18:27:07Z 2017-11-15T05:04:41Z 2017-11-15T05:04:41Z OWNER   I keep on using the `echo '{"source": "..."}' | datasette publish now --metadata=-` pattern, which suggests it makes sense for us to support these as optional arguments. https://gist.github.com/simonw/9f8bf23b37a42d7628c4dcc4bba10253 datasette 107914493 issue    
273944952 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM5NDQ5NTI= 93 Package as standalone binary atomotic 67420 open 0     17 2017-11-14T21:14:07Z 2021-01-05T12:42:08Z   NONE   hint: more than the docker image a standalone and multiplatform binary (containing the app and the database) could be simpler to distribute. i would like to investigate the possibility to package everything with [pyinstaller](http://www.pyinstaller.org/) adding the database as a [data file](https://pythonhosted.org/PyInstaller/spec-files.html#adding-data-files) datasette 107914493 issue    
273961179 MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0MTUyNjMxNTcw 94 Initial add simple prod ready Dockerfile refs #57 macropin 247192 closed 0     1 2017-11-14T22:09:09Z 2017-11-15T03:08:04Z 2017-11-15T03:08:04Z CONTRIBUTOR simonw/datasette/pulls/94 Multi-stage build based off official python:3.6-slim Example usage: ``` docker run --rm -t -i -p 9000:8001 -v $(pwd)/db:/db datasette datasette serve /db/chinook.db ``` datasette 107914493 pull    
273998513 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM5OTg1MTM= 95 Allow shorter time limits to be set using a ?_sql_time_limit_ms =20 query string limit simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2017-11-15T01:02:16Z 2017-11-15T02:56:13Z 2017-11-15T02:56:13Z OWNER   This cannot be greater than the configured time limit. datasette 107914493 issue    
274001453 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzQwMDE0NTM= 96 UI for editing named parameters simonw 9599 closed 0     3 2017-11-15T01:19:21Z 2017-11-16T01:45:51Z 2017-11-16T01:33:38Z OWNER   On any page displaying a custom query that includes named parameters, we should show HTML form fields for editing those parameters. Eg the breed parameter on https://australian-dogs.now.sh/australian-dogs-3ba9628?sql=select+name%2C+count%28*%29+as+n+from+%28%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28%22Animal+name%22%29+as+name+from+%5BAdelaide-City-Council-dog-registrations-2013%5D+where+Breed+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28Animal_Name%29+as+name+from+%5BAdelaide-City-Council-dog-registrations-2014%5D+where+Breed_Description+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all+%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28Animal_Name%29+as+name+from+%5BAdelaide-City-Council-dog-registrations-2015%5D+where+Breed_Description+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28%22AnimalName%22%29+as+name+from+%5BCity-of-Port-Adelaide-Enfield-Dog_Registrations_2016%5D+where+AnimalBreed+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28%22Animal+Name%22%29+as+name+from+%5BMitcham-dog-registrations-2015%5D+where+Breed+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28%22DOG_NAME%22%29+as+name+from+%5Bburnside-dog-registrations-2015%5D+where+DOG_BREED+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all+%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28%22Animal_Name%22%29+as+name+from+%5Bcity-of-playford-2015-dog-registration%5D+where+Breed_Description+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0Aunion+all%0D%0A%0D%0Aselect+upper%28%22Animal+Name%22%29+as+name+from+%5Bcity-of-prospect-dog-registration-details-2016%5D+where%22Breed+Description%22+like+%3Abreed%0D%0A%0D%0A%29+group+by+name+order+by+n+desc%3B&breed=pug datasette 107914493 issue    
274022950 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzQwMjI5NTA= 97 Link to JSON for the list of tables simonw 9599 closed 0     3 2017-11-15T03:29:05Z 2018-05-29T18:51:35Z 2018-05-28T20:57:21Z OWNER   https://twitter.com/yschimke/status/930606210855854080 datasette 107914493 issue    
274023417 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzQwMjM0MTc= 98 Default to not simonw 9599 closed 0     0 2017-11-15T03:31:55Z 2017-11-15T05:08:54Z 2017-11-15T05:08:54Z OWNER   https://twitter.com/yschimke/status/930606210855854080 datasette 107914493 issue    
274023625 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzQwMjM2MjU= 99 Start a change log simonw 9599 closed 0     0 2017-11-15T03:33:21Z 2017-11-16T15:12:46Z 2017-11-16T15:12:45Z OWNER     datasette 107914493 issue    
274160723 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzQxNjA3MjM= 100 TemplateAssertionError: no filter named 'tojson' coisnepe 13304454 closed 0     2 2017-11-15T13:43:41Z 2017-11-16T09:25:10Z 2017-11-16T00:14:13Z NONE   A 500 error is raised upon clicking on the name of a table on the homepage, say _http:// to _http:// The API part seems to function as intended, though... ``` 2017-11-15 14:33:57 - (sanic)[ERROR]: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/sanic/app.py", line 503, in handle_request response = await response File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/datasette/app.py", line 155, in get return await self.view_get(request, name, hash, **kwargs) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/datasette/app.py", line 219, in view_get **context, File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/sanic_jinja2/__init__.py", line 84, in render return html(self.render_string(template, request, **context)) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/sanic_jinja2/__init__.py", line 81, in render_string return self.env.get_template(template).render(**context) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 812, in get_template return self._load_template(name, self.make_globals(globals)) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 786, in _load_template template = self.loader.load(self, name, globals) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/loaders.py", line 125, in load code = environment.compile(source, name, filename) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 565, in compile self.handle_exception(exc_info, source_hint=source_hint) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 754, in handle_exception reraise(exc_type, exc_value, tb) File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/_compat.py", line 37, in reraise raise value.with_traceback(tb) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/datasette/templates/table.html", line 29, in template <pre>params = {{ query.params|tojson(4) }}</pre> File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 515, i… datasette 107914493 issue    
274161964 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzQxNjE5NjQ= 101 TemplateAssertionError: no filter named 'tojson' eaubin 450244 closed 0     1 2017-11-15T13:47:32Z 2017-11-15T13:48:55Z 2017-11-15T13:48:55Z NONE   I get an exception clicking on the table link: ``` 2017-11-15 08:40:10 - (sanic)[ERROR]: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/sanic/app.py", line 503, in handle_request response = await response File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/datasette/app.py", line 155, in get return await self.view_get(request, name, hash, **kwargs) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/datasette/app.py", line 219, in view_get **context, File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/sanic_jinja2/__init__.py", line 84, in render return html(self.render_string(template, request, **context)) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/sanic_jinja2/__init__.py", line 81, in render_string return self.env.get_template(template).render(**context) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 812, in get_template return self._load_template(name, self.make_globals(globals)) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 786, in _load_template template = self.loader.load(self, name, globals) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jinja2/loaders.py", line 125, in load code = environment.compile(source, name, filename) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 565, in compile self.handle_exception(exc_info, source_hint=source_hint) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 754, in handle_exception reraise(exc_type, exc_value, tb) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jinja2/_compat.py", line 37, in reraise raise value.with_traceback(tb) File "/Users/e/anaconda3-4.2.0/lib/python3.5/site-packages/datasette/templates/table.html", line 29, in template <pre>params = {{ query.params|tojson(4) }}</pre> File "/Users/e/… datasette 107914493 issue    

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Advanced export

JSON shape: default, array, newline-delimited, object

CSV options:

CREATE TABLE [issues] (
   [node_id] TEXT,
   [number] INTEGER,
   [title] TEXT,
   [user] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id]),
   [state] TEXT,
   [locked] INTEGER,
   [assignee] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id]),
   [milestone] INTEGER REFERENCES [milestones]([id]),
   [comments] INTEGER,
   [created_at] TEXT,
   [updated_at] TEXT,
   [closed_at] TEXT,
   [author_association] TEXT,
   [pull_request] TEXT,
   [body] TEXT,
   [repo] INTEGER REFERENCES [repos]([id]),
   [type] TEXT
, [active_lock_reason] TEXT, [performed_via_github_app] TEXT);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issues_repo]
                ON [issues] ([repo]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issues_milestone]
                ON [issues] ([milestone]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issues_assignee]
                ON [issues] ([assignee]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issues_user]
                ON [issues] ([user]);