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273660425 MDU6SXNzdWUyNzM2NjA0MjU= 84 datasette package --metadata does not work with a relative path 9599 closed 0     0 2017-11-14T04:00:50Z 2017-11-15T05:18:35Z 2017-11-15T05:18:35Z OWNER   $ datasette package ~/parlgov-db/parlgov.db --metadata=~/parlgov-db/parlgov.json Usage: datasette package [OPTIONS] FILES... Error: Invalid value for "-m" / "--metadata": Could not open file: ~/parlgov-db/parlgov.json: No such file or directory simonw-07542:~ simonw$ cd ~/parlgov-db/ simonw-07542:parlgov-db simonw$ datasette package ~/parlgov-db/parlgov.db --metadata=parlgov.json Sending build context to Docker daemon 4.46MB Step 1/7 : FROM python:3 107914493 issue    

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