4 rows where labels_id = 727708734

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Link labels_id pull_requests_id
enhancement 727708734 /db/table/-/blob/pk/column.blob download URL 507903392
enhancement 727708734 New explicit versioning mechanism 511868153
enhancement 727708734 .blob output renderer 512545364
enhancement 727708734 ?_col=/?_nocol= to show/hide columns on the table page 651492888

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CREATE TABLE [labels_pull_requests] (
   [labels_id] INTEGER REFERENCES [labels]([id]),
   [pull_requests_id] INTEGER REFERENCES [pull_requests]([id]),
   PRIMARY KEY ([labels_id], [pull_requests_id])
CREATE INDEX [idx_labels_pull_requests_pull_requests_id]
    ON [labels_pull_requests] ([pull_requests_id]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_labels_pull_requests_labels_id]
    ON [labels_pull_requests] ([labels_id]);